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Real Success Stories from Real Holistic Practitioners

I offer these stories to you not as a way to “toot my own horn” but rather to hear in words other than my own some of the possibilities that exist within the Holistic Business Mentor Coaching programs I offer. While I have done my best in my website to describe my services to help you evaluate whether working with me is a good fit, those descriptions come from my perspective.

By contrast, these stories share the client’s perspective.

So often it is in others’ stories that you see yourself or connect to an aspect of your own journey. All of these stories are from real clients and many of them are willing to talk to you if you have further questions about my work and how it might pertain to your needs. Contact me for more information about speaking to a client reference.

Everything I’ve done with Jamie has convinced me I can—and helped me know how to—have the professional, heart-centered, and lucrative business I’ve always imagined!

I came to Jamie with my business in a do-or-die space.  After years of working hard without growing the client base or income I wanted, I needed to figure out whether the business in my dreams was actually viable or if it was time to let it go and get a “real” job.   

I now have the confidence, vision, resources, and mindset to know that YES, I can have a profitable professional business.  Though I put in the time and energy to do the much-needed work, I could not have done it or have gotten to this point without Jamie’s guidance and support.  

The six-month individual coaching program was the perfect fit for me. Initially, I had considered Jamie’s three-month program; however, I correctly assessed that I would need a bit more time to reach my goals for my work with her. At the end of the six months I was thrilled to feel completely ready to take off on my own and continue moving my business forward! Specifically, I gained: 

  • Clarity around how I want my business to look, who I want to serve, what I need to feel fulfilled in my work, and the steps involved to get me there 
  • Insight about my fears around change and business growth, which helped me work through those fears and get out of my own way on the path to my goals 
  • Empowerment to claim my right to work with the type of client I truly love, which helped take away any sense of competition and allowed me to begin to build better collaborative relationships with colleagues 
  • Structure and Guidance in breaking down all the technical and logistical tasks necessary for growing my business, which had felt intimidating or overwhelming to me before, so I was able to not only understand them, but actually get them done
  • Confidence in speaking about my business to potential clients, referral partners, and at networking groups 

Jamie provided a structure for me and held me accountable to complete the tasks I determined needed to be done each week. Her ability to help me stay focused and on track with my big vision goals, while also meeting me where I was at any given point in a session and support my immediate needs or questions, made a big difference in my success.   

I absolutely love the “mentor coaching” approach Jamie offers. She pairs traditional coaching—keeping my needs and agenda at the forefront and guiding me to discover my answers and my path to achieve success—with her vast business knowledge and resources so I didn’t have to know it all or come up with everything from scratch.   

Whether you’re just starting out your independent business and feeling at a loss at what to do or if you’ve been at it awhile and need help – I highly recommend you work with Jamie.  What she does is invaluable!

Joanie Nicholas

All Things Organized, www.organizewithjoanie.com

I came to Jamie feeling completely stuck and full of doubt and confusion.  I left invigorated, confident and with a sense of freedom that I now have a way to live independently with financially security!

I began working with Jamie because I was unable to create a steady flow of clients in my business and was not even close to making a living, sustainable wage.  I was willing to consider employment in a more traditional job arena, but didn’t feel employable or even know how to assess possible job options.

Jamie offers an approach that cuts through the BS of other one-size-fits all, generalized business workshops, to meet you with a program that is completely individually tailored to your specific needs.  From all her training and experience, she selected the resources and nuggets that would be the most meaningful and powerful for me. In looking at what was needed to move forward – whether education, addressing fears, new boundaries to set, more homework to get clearer – she provided very specific and completely relevant information and tools for my field and unique background.

She not only helped me see how I could translate my current skills with a minimal amount of re-education, she helped me re-craft my resume so that I got two interviews for being a health coach.

She also helped me come up more effective ways to connect with private clients using a contract and 20-minute intro session to filter people.  The contract helped me set clear boundaries and I felt for first time I could put into words in a neutral tone everything I’d been wanting to say to clients for several years but had been afraid to – it was brilliant.  Now I have a more secure and truthful way of filtering clients that really want to do the work and are willing to pay full dollars for my services.

I really appreciated Jamie’s efficiency in getting me where I wanted to be.  There was none of this needing to go into a cave for several weeks at a time to land upon what was holding me back.  In 9 sessions –boom – we got it done!  Starting with the initial guided visualization in the foundational session, I got powerful information that I used to restructure my website and materials to align with my values.  And each session she helped me identify things holding me back, my strengths to move forward and gave me additional resources she knew I was motivated to do as that would get me where I wanted to go.

I highly recommend Jamie for business coaching because she is client centered, honest, confidence boosting, mindful, efficient, and will help you get where you want to go!

Mary Bruck

Owner of Vibrant Health Ayurveda & Yoga, mary@vibranthealthayurveda.com | 720-449-6904

My results working with Jamie were immediate and life changing.

I went in feeling challenged by lack of confidence, fear for the financial future, confused about my strengths and passion, and stuck in procrastination around taking action on my dreams and ideas.

And in the first session, it all changed. I got an immediate clearer vision and the internal commitment to follow my heart at every opportunity.  This led to saying yes to studying with the best teachers in my industry, making great connections and recently being offered a protégée opportunity including receiving the overflow of clients from a teacher.

I have a steady business that is on the cusp of a bigger boom.  And I gained inner treasures that anchor my business and my life: confidence, an unwavering belief that I am on the right path, the willingness to listen to and trust the whispers and nuances in myself and the world.  I am now clear on the clients I want to work with and have the financial roadmap Jamie helped me develop so I can see what is possible.

When I say that I work with the best, Jamie is among that list. She has a broad background filled with highly effective knowledge as well as an incredible left and right brain approach to business.   She is dedicated to learning and is authentic and genuine.  She is like an amplifier – helping me to see and hear more clearly what I already know in order to move forward.  There is a world of practice and a world of ideas - she has both.  I highly recommend her for coaching and training.

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Health

Working with Jamie Durner as a business coach improved my work habit structure to balance my creative impulses with greater profitable productivity.

It really helped that Jamie understands my Ayurvedic business model, being a Practitoner herself. Instead of getting stuck in last minute project overwhelm, I feel calmer and less stressed with tools to break down the tasks in a manageable way - and actually feel more joy in the process! More than just being a life/business coach, Jamie holds the space for spiritual exploration and integrates the Ayurvedic perspective into the conversation. Unlike some business coaches I worked with, she is real, down to earth, and spiritually connected instead of being salesy, slick and only focused on business.

If you are an Ayurvedic professional looking for business support within a broader personal-spiritual framework, she is a good match.

Corinna Maharani

CAP, PK Expert and teacher, maharaniayurveda.com | www.maharaniacademy.com

If you are looking for incredible emotional support and a well thought out map to make setting up your business easier, I encourage you to sign up for the Business Success Breakthrough now!

Before I started the program, I was completely stalled and overwhelmed about how to start my business. Although I had multiple books on business building, it all seemed too complex. I had no idea where to start and felt guilty because I had spent all this time and money on my training, and it was just sitting there. I couldn’t let myself relax or have time off because I felt I always should be doing something, yet didn’t know what to do. I was emotionally drained and frustrated.

The information Jamie provided in the program fully met my needs for where I was - starting from scratch. Even though I was working full-time, I was able to move forward in small ways and actually get something done. Her support made a huge difference in my life and being able to forge ahead.

  • I now have a complete map and tools to move forward without being crippled by overwhelm
  • I am confident that I CAN do it
  • I am more accepting of where I’m at and trust that as the time is right, I will know what to do next
  • My feelings of guilt went down by 90% and my emotional drain down by 80%
  • I have a better idea of how to combine my focus on Ayurveda and therapy, which was holding me back before

One of the things I appreciate about Jamie is her ability to break down complex ideas and technical processes in a way that even I can follow.   The program was structured in a logical and methodical way that guided me from start to finish in exactly what to do. Whatever the topic, it was broken down so I could build it step-by-step. Each class and level built on each other, so it made sense and I could see how it all the pieces fit together. For example, it doesn’t make sense to know how to build a website without knowing what I want to say with the content.

Lastly, the support I got in the program was incredible. The coaching and clarity calls were a great way to get direct coaching support as well as learn from the others in the group so I didn’t feel so alone. Hearing about the experiences of the other students and how they were putting the information together to meet their needs helped me get new ideas and perspective, which was invaluable. 

Jamie is warm, welcoming, patient and incredibly understanding, especially around computer and technical challenges. She creates a space that is accepting, encouraging, and playful. She knows everything so well that I could ask a question from any part of the material and she was able to not only answer it, but also relate it back to other areas we’d covered so I got a deeper overall understanding. I was surprised to discover that the program actually provided a breather in my week and was relaxing!

Kala Bailey

Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, KalaBailey@aol.com

With Jamie’s coaching support, I went from feeling clunky in my business to developing the solid, efficient structures I need to manifest my successful independent practice!

I came to Jamie because I was struggling to know how to create efficient business strategies and increase my client base in order to support myself financially with my own business.  After just 3 months, I 100% met my purpose of hiring a coach.

Though the Coronavirus got in the way of fully implementing my plan, I now have the tools and knowledge I need to work efficiently and put my time and energy where it is best served to make my business successful.  Through the business mentor coaching, Jamie helped me:

  • Clearly identify my audience and be able to speak more effectively to them
  • Built a better business structure with packages that allow me to best combine my love of 1-to-1 consultations and nurturing bodywork
  • Improve my website and figure out how to incorporate new value with blogs and recipes
  • Connect my natural creative energy with my blog and realize how much I love writing!
  • Find a way to more comfortably use social media which allowed me to build a lot of business connections, even during stay-at-home orders
  • Clarify my most important personal practices to create the calm mind that is central to being my best in my business

I appreciated all the resources and ideas Jamie shared with me while allowing me to be in charge and focus on what I needed each session.  Having someone to be accountable to helped me show up and continue to make progress.  With the coaching structure, I was able to best make use my time at home during lock down to build my business and use the momentum to continue the work.

Tracyann Thomas

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Bodyworker, https://www.nature2balance.com/

Get started on your journey to a prosperous and fulfilling practice...

...by scheduling your BUSINESS SUCCESS STRATEGY session.  In this complimentary 30 minute session, you will have the opportunity to gain greater clarity about your current situation, where you want to go in terms of your business goals, and the challenges you’re having getting there.

We’ll also discuss the holistic business coaching programs I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go. ​

Jamie helped me establish my Ayurveda practice by getting clear on what I want my practice to be, how I can help people, and how to utilize all the information I have received.

Initially I was overwhelmed by how to market myself. Jamie gave me several vital pieces that transformed the confusion into confidence.   Jamie herself lives from a heart-centered space that is contagious and inspiring. She encourages and questions from a loving place and supports without a personal agenda. This was invaluable in building my sense of trust in my inner voice, honoring my own style and increasing my belief that what I’m offering is helpful.

On a practical level, she is highly skilled in translating the mumbo jumbo of what I’m trying to say and creating amazing marketing copy and tangible tools to speak more effectively to my clients. She brings a wealth of experience and seeing what she has done in her own practice is amazing and uplifting.

If you are wanting to gain confidence in your practice, pinpoint how to create a practice where you can give most positively, and narrow it all down into a cohesive plan…Jamie is the mother duck you want to fly behind as you spread your own wings.

Rachel Costello

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, https://www.joyfulayurveda.com/

Your Business Success Breakthrough training program was exactly what I needed!

I came to the program because, though I had been in sales forever, I hadn’t worked as a holistic healer before and selling items is different than selling just yourself and your capabilities. I was feeling new and raw and that no one would want to work with me without experience.  I now have the confidence and tools to keep moving forward without second-guessing myself.

I received lots of insight on technical aspects, such as how to make my website more effective to connect and communicate with my clients.  I have a better idea of whom my ideal client is and, in being able to own my credibility, am now able to recognize why people will work with me.  I learned more effective ways to communicate with clients at all levels of engagement, as well. 

My biggest take away from the program was a new level of personal growth that has boosted my credibility and confidence and which shines through to my clients. You don’t get this with most traditional sales or business training and it has been a game changer in how I feel about my new holistic business.

The material presented was awesome and so much more than what I’d expected. Jamie has a lovely, mindful and heart-centered way of helping you to find your own answers and overcome obstacles and insecurities in the mind.

 In terms of marketing tools, the techniques I learned on how to communicate with potential clients alone was worth the program investment! Jamie gave me a streamlined, organized and more effective approach to feel confident in the initial conversations with prospective clients. From assessing whether the person is a fit or not, to being able to gather more information to create a support plan, I am getting better outcomes and more new clients.

 The whole program is great and presented in a way you can easily understand and use it. Having the Coaching and Clarity sessions was helpful in being able to listen to the great questions the others brought forth. I took away new things every single time and got the individual support I needed.

Christa Boudreau

Ayurvedic Pranic Healer, AHC @ Root Energetics, 847-351-3044

My work with Jamie led to new level of creativity within my business, focused action and the launching of my first retreat!

Jamie is an awesome business coach and I recommend her to anyone looking for solid business tools paired with a genuine, heart-centered approach.

Jamie’s group coaching program and individual work was crucial in helping me transition my business to a new state, not once but twice. The information and tools I learned gave me the confidence and inner strength to be able to market more effectively. I now feel secure in introducing myself to an already established community in a way that people can understand who I am and what I do.

She has a unique ability to phrase questions to help me look at things differently so that I could find answers deeper in the layers. I also loved the meditations in the beginning of classes, which help ground me and see more fully to do the work.

She is real, warm, and truly focused on my success and growth. Her encouragement made a big difference to get through the challenges and feel okay about the “weird transition phase” I was going through.

Kimberly Fisher

Energetic Healer for Humans & Animals, https://www.earthlyinsights.com

Thank you Jamie!  I found your program just when I needed it.

I was at a point in my yoga business where I wanted to integrate in more aspects of my Ayurveda training and the Business Success Breakthrough program came at a perfect time.

The biggest result is this program was it helped me form a plan of action.  There were many practical tools that I could use and adapt to meet my needs, such as guidelines on how to begin a conversation with a client.

You were very generous with your support and I appreciate your reminder in going through the transformational stages “not to stress”.

In terms of organization of the program, I give very high ratings.  You made all of the material very accessible, both on an offline.  You created a Facebook group, and answered our questions when we asked.    I felt that having a follow up Coaching and Clarity Session was a great way to get support.

I always feel that if I walk away with one idea from a program that I can focus on and apply, that it has been successful. In your program, I am walking away with several ideas including:

  • Being able to see and celebrate my past experiences to tap into what I already know, which increased my confidence
  • Being authentic and passionate works well for me and you helped highlight my unique talents and how to be true to myself while letting my light shine without feeling as awkward
  • I like how you started out the program, helping us to see our current state and to look more deeply into our tendencies and how we work, and what holds us back.
  • How to take my passions and skillfully create a business plan with them. For example, becoming more aware of who my ideal client is will help me to focus on these particulars in order to successfully, and confidently build a client base.
  • I learned more about using technology and now I see how I might tweak my website to be more interactive and engaging, by inserting a short video or links for website visitors to navigate.
Donna Furmanek

M.Ed., Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified Montessori Educator (AMS), Academy of Creative Movement

I have more confidence, motivation, organization and feel I can do it!

Business mentor coaching was a great space to develop myself and get to know skills I didn’t even realize I had. Jamie never told me what to do or what was wrong. Instead she gave me new perspectives and acted as a mirror to help explore my own potential. The “Discover Your Magnificent Self” process, especially, set everything into motion for me.

I gained many results in the process:

  • I feel at ease in all I’m doing
  • I am more creative in my job and life
  • I set up a new professional working space
  • I clarified which marketing tools were most important to me now and set them up
  • I let go of old tapes and am celebrating who I am and what I have to offer
  • I connected with other like-minded professionals in my community for support and collaboration
  • I was inspired to take the next step in my training by adding in Panchakarma body therapies

With a clearer idea of my purpose and intention, I work smarter not harder.

Carla McKinney Ortega

Ayurvedic Health Counselor at Om Ayurveda, 608-957-1202 | cortegamckinney@gmail.com

My confidence in being able to create my independent Ayurveda business increased by 90% after working with Jamie!

Before working with Jamie, I was in a space of total unknowing in terms of how to establish a business. This created stress and doubt as to whether I could actually do it. Now I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to build my practice.

While most business classes are dry and boring, Jamie gears her programs around powerful self-exploration, building practical tools, and developing the language and confidence to effectively talk to people about Ayurveda. It was a very positive experience that essentially made the business aspects unintimidating and met my individual needs.

I highly recommend her for practitioners looking to be able to grow their own vision and business.

Michelle Garrett

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, AHC, CAP intern, Chicago Ayurveda, specializing in complex health conditions

I started working with Jamie Durner as a business coach and when we were finished, I quit everything and just stayed home.

I stepped off the hamster wheel and gained everything – not in the way I thought it would be, but better. My blood pressure went down 20 points. I lost 13 pounds. I reconnected with my husband and we’re having sex again. I see being able to get off focus medication in the near future as I’m not pulled in so many directions and am no longer sucked into the drama. I was able to see how owning my yoga studios had been successful and positive for my family – and that it was ok to now move on.

The business coaching helped me realize what is important to me and what I’m looking for to be happier and connected with my purpose. I am now razor sharp on where I’m going, which allowed me to give myself permission to get back home with a private healing space focused just on my clients.

Kelly Colln

Yoga Therapist & Energy Healer, KC Yoga Center

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