Procrastination is often thought of as a negative, a problem to be solved, a pattern to be overcome.

And there can be some truth in that depending on what the procrastination is creating in your life and business.

But there might also be a reason for your procrastination that you are missing – and understanding what the message is could be the difference between moving your forward or keeping you stuck.

This question of what procrastination might be telling you came up recently with a coaching client. 

She was interested in looking more into her pattern of procrastination, and the stress and overwhelm that came with it.  The pattern felt like it was blocking her goals and creating discomfort.

My client started out her session feeling like the pattern was the problem.  If she could just figure out how to stop procrastinating, then everything would be good. 

Does this sound familiar to you either, with procrastination or another “problem pattern” you’re wanting to solve? 

By the end of the session, my client had come to the realization that rather than being the problem, procrastination was simply her inner wisdom letting her know that how she was trying to do something wasn’t the right fit for who she is or what she wants

And she went from feeling overwhelmed about getting ready for a talk to enhance her professional stature to feeling excited and joyful about creating an experience to connect with others interested in transformation and expanding into one’s self.

So often in life, what you think is the problem is actually something very different. 

It’s like feeling a symptom is the issue.  While the symptom itself is certainly uncomfortable and possibly painful, as Ayurveda professionals we know that the real problem is deeper in the doshas and not the direct problem.What's Behind Your Procrastination?

In this case, my client discovered that the things she was procrastinating were not actually things she wanted to do or felt inspired about, but rather things she thought she SHOULD be doing.  Despite the fact that she is a successful intuitive practitioner with a wonderful gift in creating an atmosphere for healing and using her love of rituals to take care of her financial needs, she felt like she needed to be organized, know more, and use more traditional business practices to be a better practitioner. 

As a result of this expectation, she was forcing herself to market in certain ways that felt hard and thus created procrastination.  She kept at it, feeling like it “would be good for her growth” to “work through” these challenges. 

Can you feel how hard it felt to her and the lack of enthusiasm and excitement?

As you can imagine, all of how she felt inside translated out into energy and, no surprise, this led to her not getting the results she was looking for.  And feeling stressed and overwhelmed in the process.

But an amazing thing happened when she was able to set the SHOULDs aside and look at what she really wanted. 

She discovered that she really didn’t care about the Power Point presentation or how professional it came across.  She didn’t even care about having the room packed with people. 

What she wanted was the opportunity to be with other people interested in transformation and to share a glimpse of the experience together. 

  • Instead of feeling like she had to create a dry informational talk, she suddenly was all fired up about how to share an experience. 
  • Instead of feeling like she had to make a flier, she saw herself finding an image of a person diving off into the ocean and rising in a cleansed and rebirthed state to speak for her. 
  • Instead of advertising, she decided to create a Facebook invitation to play in the passion.

Her entire process – and energy – itself transformed when she embraced her intuitive creative energies without feeling like she needed to be more organized and business-like. 

As we finished the session, my client was so excited to go play with her this different process and ideas.  She acknowledged a new way of seeing and appreciating her procrastination – no longer a problem, but a cue that she had gotten off her authentic path. 

And instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, she feel connected to her passion.

Wow!  How magical to be a part of this mini-transformation.  And what a great reminder that behind what you might think of as a problem, can actually be an answer. 

So whether you’re exploring your own procrastination or another pattern that is holding you back, I invite you to look for the nugget of inner wisdom that is waiting for you.

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