Discover Your Magnificent Self

And find your inner yes compass points towards fulfillment

Magnificent Self Discovery Session




All of the Holistic Business Success mentor coaching programs – whether 1:1 individual or group formats – start or have integrated within them a key session called your “Magnificent Self Discovery”.  However, this session can also be done on it’s own to give you the powerful inner map to creating your best success!

During this session, I use a tool that is not a top down assessment, but rather an inner ACCESS-ment to uncover the innate resources you already hold that make up your magnificence.

These inner resources that guide you to your most aligned success are what I refer to as your Inner Yes Compass Points.

I don’t know what you need for success…but you do!

I help draw out the information about your Authentic Self you need to thrive that is most aligned with your heart and soul.


For many, the process itself is eye opening, empowering and transformative.

Even better, you leave with your own map to your highest level of fulfillment and the #1 tool to stay in alignment for your best business self.

You can then use this tool going forward to…

✓ Help you make all your business choices and take actions with ease and confidence

✓ Tackle gremlins and sabotaging mindsets

✓ Navigate challenges for easier resolution

✓ Stay self connected and empowered

Because my personal mission is to make the world a better place one person at a time, I love to share resources that support you becoming your best self.

Which means, even if you are not a current coaching client or program participant, you can still support yourself by doing just this one session!

The experience was like a super nova for me – it blew my mind!

Until I went through the Discover Your Magnificent Self process, I had no idea to the degree that my heart was longing for a deeper passion in my work. After going through the process with Jamie, I discovered what I thought was only my hobby is actually a passionate career path!

I now have the tools now to keep me from going down paths that are not in line with my vision. The process also gave me a template for knowing myself deeper and how I can honor my core needs with making other life decisions.  The more I honor what came through in the initial meeting, the more I’m learning that this is where my strength and success will be. I’m invigorated to keep going!

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Healing

*Only schedule the Integrated with Coaching Program option if you are signing up for the Boost Your Coaching 1:1 program.

Integrated with Coaching Program

90 minutes

After you purchase your session…

You will be taken to my automated scheduling system to set up your appointment.

As part of the scheduling process, you will be guided to choose the format of your appointment:

✓ Telephone offers the simplest option with no Internet requirement and has no visual component, which some people prefer.  It will be ideal to use with a headshot or on a speaker phone for some of the activities.

✓ Skype is a free audio/video conferencing service that must be loaded onto your device. I will need your Skype address to add you as a contact ahead of time and you will then confirm the request.

 ✓ Facetime is a free audio/video application that works only on Apple to Apple devices. I have Apple devices so can accommodate this if you have an Apple device.

 ✓ Zoom is a free video conferencing service I pay for that allows us to connect through a link I will provide to you if you select this option. You will need access the Internet.

 After your appointment comes through, I will then send you a few pre-session activities to start the process which we will then use during our session.  The pre-session activities will take approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on each person.  Please allow enough time for me to send you the paperwork and for you to complete these activities when you set up the appointment.

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