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Level 3: Long & Lasting Relationship

Keep the Clients Your Love that Give you Raving Reviews!

⇨ Increase Your Client Satisfaction & Longevity

⇨ Accelerate Your Communication Skills For A Thriving Practice

⇨ Create your Client Attracting Gift

⇨ Build your Bountiful Community List


All levels can be purchased independently in a self-study option or taken as a whole as part of a the one year Business Success Breakthrough which includes access to all the modules plus 2 - 75 minute monthly group facilitated coaching and clarity calls.


You are an Ayurveda Professional or a Holistic Practitioner doing transformational life work. Your work is your passion and you want to be able to earn a living doing what you love.

You are running your own business – either by circumstance of the industry or by choice – and you want to stop struggling and tap into the positives of being your own boss.

At this stage, you will have a solid set of business and marketing resources that are bringing in clients and starting to build relationships. Now, you want to strengthen the relationships you have and continue to build trust and awareness of who you are and what you have to offer in the larger community.

Onto your foundational client tools, you are ready to add layers of how to create more powerful and transformative client experiences.

You are ready to be a customer service star that has your clients raving about you and acting as your best referral base.

You also have your online presence established through your website and are ready to add in more virtual engagement to build your community and credibility.

You are seeing the seeds sprouting and feeling excited to water and feed your business for it’s full blooming.

You remain committed to working “on the business” and know the value of investing time and money to support this.

And you value the mentor coaching and group support to keep you up and inspire you as you continue to grow and thrive.


Building your blossoming client base is a vital first step to having a successful practice.

As your clients increase, you want to authentically anchor in those relationships to naturally expand and sustain your practice. Unfortunately, how to deepen client relationships and build your community through high quality Practice Management is an often overlooked piece of business development that you cannot afford to miss.

In this level of the program you will refine your client engagement skills, put in place referral programs and add in community enhancement through the use of Email marketing including developing your natural Introductory Free Offer.

You need the step-by-step guidance to create lucrative business structures including…

✪ Skills to increase the satisfaction of your clients and their desire to stay active and engaged with your expertise

✪ Tools to enhance your clients’ experiences to deepen their connection and commitment

✪ How to transform your paperwork into tools to increase client engagement

✪ Crystal clear communication techniques to make all conversations smoother and more comfortable

✪ Systems and structures to take advantage of the natural referrals that are waiting for you

✪ Done for you templates and scripts to reduce your time and save you energy

✪ How to successfully connect and communicate through email marketing

✪ Having a truly attractive Free Introductory Offer to build your email list


Jamie Durner, Holistic Business Mentor CoachI am 25-year veteran in running a profitable private practice as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Holistic Coach.

I initially struggled with the business aspects, too. I spent thousands of dollars on business trainings that weren’t quite the right fit or enough of the whole picture.  After hours of trial-and-error, I finally found a heart-centered way to run my business that felt authentic and created profitable results – earning my family over $1.25 million dollars.

I can help you do the same – but with less struggle, time and effort!

Your Business Success Breakthrough training program was exactly what I needed!

I came to the program because, though I had been in sales forever, I hadn’t worked as a holistic healer before and selling items is different than selling just yourself and your capabilities. I was feeling new and raw and that no one would want to work with me without experience.  I now have the confidence and tools to keep moving forward without second-guessing myself.

I received lots of insight on technical aspects, such as how to make my website more effective to connect and communicate with my clients.  I have a better idea of whom my ideal client is and, in being able to own my credibility, am now able to recognize why people will work with me.  I learned more effective ways to communicate with clients at all levels of engagement, as well. 

My biggest take away from the program was a new level of personal growth that has boosted my credibility and confidence and which shines through to my clients. You don’t get this with most traditional sales or business training and it has been a game changer in how I feel about my new holistic business.

The material presented was awesome and so much more than what I’d expected. Jamie has a lovely, mindful and heart-centered way of helping you to find your own answers and overcome obstacles and insecurities in the mind.


In terms of marketing tools, the techniques I learned on how to communicate with potential clients alone was worth the program investment! Jamie gave me a streamlined, organized and more effective approach to feel confident in the initial conversations with prospective clients. From assessing whether the person is a fit or not, to being able to gather more information to create a support plan, I am getting better outcomes and more new clients.


The whole program is great and presented in a way you can easily understand and use it. Having the Coaching and Clarity sessions was helpful in being able to listen to the great questions the others brought forth. I took away new things every single time and got the individual support I needed.

Christa Boudreau

Ayurvedic Pranic Healer, AHC, Simply Ayurveda, 847-351-3044

Thank you Jamie!  I found your program just when I needed it.

I was at a point in my yoga business where I wanted to integrate in more aspects of my Ayurveda training and the Business Success Breakthrough program came at a perfect time.

The biggest result is this program helped me form a plan of action.  There were many practical tools that I could use and adapt to meet my needs, such as guidelines on how to begin a conversation with a client.

You were very generous with your support and I appreciate your reminder in going through the transformational stages “not to stress”.

In terms of organization of the program, I give very high ratings.  You made all of the material very accessible, both on an offline.  You created a Facebook group, and answered our questions when we asked.    I felt that having a follow up Coaching and Clarity Session was a great way to get support.

I always feel that if I walk away with one idea from a program that I can focus on and apply, that it has been successful. In your program, I am walking away with several ideas including:

  • Being able to see and celebrate my past experiences to tap into what I already know, which increased my confidence
  • Being authentic and passionate works well for me and you helped highlight my unique talents and how to be true to myself while letting my light shine without feeling as awkward
  • I like how you started out the program, helping us to see our current state and to look more deeply into our tendencies and how we work, and what holds us back.
  • How to take my passions and skillfully create a business plan with them. For example, becoming more aware of who my ideal client is will help me to focus on these particulars in order to successfully, and confidently build a client base.
  • I learned more about using technology and now I see how I might tweak my website to be more interactive and engaging, by inserting a short video or links for website visitors to navigate.

Who Donna works with: Using Yoga, Ayurveda and movement arts, I lead people to discover healing and wholeness in mind, body and spirit.  I specialize in helping those with common ailments of the back, neck and shoulders, and knees.  I also teach "Creative Connections" program to preschool and kindergarten children, a Montessori inspired program designed with developmental needs of children in mind.  

Donna Furmanek

M.Ed., Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified Montessori Educator (AMS), Academy of Creative Movement


This Virtual Program Will Guide You Through 4 Stages of Transformation

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering

This program builds on the new service structures and website platform developed in Level 2: Fill Your Practice Now, including having effective client conversations.

As you continue to engage your throat chakra, you will also bring the energy up to the third eye as you evaluate and refine you tools and take actions guided by your inner inspiration and intuition.

Core emphasis at this level will be on further development of your online presence to expand the reach of your voice and community engagement. This will include Email Marketing, social media integration, and entry level community offerings to boost involvement.

Each stage will have Mentor Learning webinars with instructional lessons along with out-of-class supportive activities to develop the skill sets, business structures and marketing materials you need to complete this part of your business development.

Stage 1: Accelerate Your Communication Skills For A Thriving Practice

  • Savvy Session Structuring to enjoy greater time flow and enhance client fulfillment
  • How to Diffuse the Tough Conversations – with inner grace and confidence to handle the sticky situations
  • Common Challenges in Dealing with the General Public – and skills to overcome them
  • How to Set Your Boundaries with Soft Strength so that your client stays satisfied but respectful
  • How to Overcome Recommendation Resistance – helping your client find their yes points in moving forward when they seem stuck with your Ayurveda recommendations
  • The Crystal Clear Communication Checklist – to make sure you are expressing yourself in written and verbal conversations
  • When to Champion and When to Nudge – with confidence in your role of accountability partner and guide
  • Tools To Express Yourself Authentically Through 5th Chakra Communication

Stage 2: Create your Client Attracting Gift

  • To Translate your Ideal Client’s #1 Craving into your Inviting Client Gift – and use the bright shiny gift to inspire sign ups to your community list
  • How to Design your Content that Creates Connection and Trust with your Ideal Client – and know that you are the right partner for their journey
  • 3 Easy Opt-In Gift Templates to express your credibility while sparking your Ideal Client’s interest
  • Magnetic Title Templates for your gift

Stage 3: Build your Bountiful Community List Community Client Match

  • Learn How to Use Email Marketing Well to Develop Relationships and Sell Your Services with Ease
  • Subject Line Secrets to Boost your Email Open Rates
  • How to Write Effective Emails that inspire action and create connection
  • How to Use the Newsletter or Blog Post Campaign Calendar to plot your annual sharing with ease, weave flowing content that speaks to your audience needs + plug in your special offers
  • 4 Strategic Newsletter Sections to increase client connection and consolidate your credibility
  • Training To Ramp Up your Email Marketing Confidence with Bonus tech demo on setting up a FREE Mailchimp account
  • Best ways to Integrate Social Media and other outlets to build your list
  • Done-for-You Templates for Welcome Emails that create faster engagement and more natural service sign ups
  • Promotional Email Sequence Checklist to help you stay on track before, during and after your free event

Stage 4: Increase Your Client Satisfaction & Longevity Increase Client Satisfaction

  • Elevate your Client Engagement with 5 Additions to your Professional Paperwork – take advantage of the templates I’ve refined over the years to up level your paperwork and how it best supports you and your clients
  • My Favorite Coaching Techniques to Boost Your Practice – that also create better and faster results for your clients
  • 4 Part Formula to Accelerate Natural Referrals – happy clients share and these tools (made easier for you with my templates) will support their organic ravings into channeled action
  • The Secret to Amplify Your Client’s Success Experiences and bring their perspective to see the positive
  • Avoid the Mistakes that Leave Your Client Hanging – so you’re not wondering why your clients aren’t coming back
  • 3 Testimonial Gathering-Made-Easy Scripts – success stories are one of your most valuable tools and you can easily capture them with the step-by-step scripts to know how to get exactly what you need
  • The Ayurveda Skill that Helps Your Clients Really Feel Seen and Heard to deepen your client connection

My results working with Jamie were immediate and life changing.

I went in feeling challenged by lack of confidence, fear for the financial future, confused about my strengths and passion, and stuck in procrastination around taking action on my dreams and ideas.

>And in the first session, it all changed. I got an immediate clearer vision and the internal commitment to follow my heart at every opportunity.  This led to saying yes to studying with the best teachers in my industry, making great connections and recently being offered a protégée opportunity including receiving the overflow of clients from a teacher.

I have a steady business that is on the cusp of a bigger boom.  And I gained inner treasures that anchor my business and my life: confidence, an unwavering belief that I am on the right path, the willingness to listen to and trust the whispers and nuances in myself and the world.  I am now clear on the clients I want to work with and have the financial roadmap Jamie helped me develop so I can see what is possible.

When I say that I work with the best, Jamie is among that list. She has a broad background filled with highly effective knowledge as well as an incredible left and right brain approach to business.   She is dedicated to learning and is authentic and genuine.  She is like an amplifier – helping me to see and hear more clearly what I already know in order to move forward.  There is a world of practice and a world of ideas - she has both.  I highly recommend her for coaching and training.

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Health

Working with Jamie Durner as a business coach improved my work habit structure to balance my creative impulses with greater profitable productivity.

It really helped that Jamie understands my Ayurvedic business model, being a Practitoner herself. Instead of getting stuck in last minute project overwhelm, I feel calmer and less stressed with tools to break down the tasks in a manageable way - and actually feel more joy in the process! More than just being a life/business coach, Jamie holds the space for spiritual exploration and integrates the Ayurvedic perspective into the conversation. Unlike some business coaches I worked with, she is real, down to earth, and spiritually connected instead of being salesy, slick and only focused on business.

If you are an Ayurvedic professional looking for business support within a broader personal-spiritual framework, she is a good match.

Corinna Maharani

CAP, PK Expert and teacher, Maharani Ayurveda

When I enroll in Loyal & Lasting Relationships Self-Study Option,

I will receive:

Access to the Members Only Resource Page where I will find the curriculum components, systems and templates for me to develop the lucrative and ease-filled structures I need for create the solid foundations for my profitable practice.

The resources to empower my mindsets to create my balanced success vision to keep up through my expanding journey.

Mentor Learning videos to walk me through each of the different sections of the 4 transformation stages (access good for three months after purchasing the Self Study program)

Downloadable PDF guides for each of the transformative stages which include scripts, step-by-step processes and done-for-me forms

⇒ Bonus technical tutorial video demos

If you are a member of the National Ayurveda Medicine Association (NAMA), each level of the Business Success Breakthrough Program is eligible for PACE credits.  After the course completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you will turn in to NAMA as part of the course verification process.

The Self Study option will be available for purchase in July of 2018.  The facilitated 1 year Business Success Breakthrough will begin registration in August of 2018.

100% Success Guaranteed

Your Enrollment in the “Business Success Breakthrough” is Risk-Free.

I am completely confident in this program, and I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a truly transforming experience for you practice!  So here’s your guarantee. If after completing all the activities and assignments in the first transformation stage, you don’t feel it’s for you, I will apply what you paid to another program or individual coaching with me. Just let me know within the first 15 days of the program by sending me an email with the completed assignments.

~Jamie Durner, Your Holistic Business Mentor Coach