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Level 1: Business Success Breakthrough

Jumpstart Your Practice




You need a system and you are not alone. Few holistic professionals go into the field because they love the business “stuff”.

You have the inner awareness and professional skills to have a successful business.

You have the commitment and passion for the work you do.

What you are missing is the integrated key pieces in a comprehensive system upon which to grow your business success.

You need clear, step-by-step guidance on what to create, and how and when to put the critical pieces together.

You also need to clarify your success vision and be consistent in using your inner resources to support the outer growth so you stay balanced.

Most importantly, you need help getting started!

Mentor coaching is the integrative blend of life coaching techniques and mentoring. 


You are an Ayurveda Professional or a Holistic Practitioner doing transformational life work. Your work is your passion and you want to be able to earn a living doing what you love.

You are about to start running your own business or take your business to a more full-time level – either by circumstance of the industry or by choice – and you want to have greater ease in knowing what to do and how to get to the successful place of being your own boss.

You are jazzed about working with your clients. But when it comes to working “on the business”, you begin to feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to start to get the results you want.

You want to stop second-guessing what to do and instead have a clear roadmap to develop your business in a structured way that also feels good to your heart.

You don’t love the business aspects, but you know they are important and you’re willing to do the work – but you want a process to help make the process easier and smoother.

You need the nuts and bolts of starting a business including the financial and legal ABCs.



I am 25-year veteran in running a profitable private practice as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Holistic Wellbeing Coach.Jamie Durner, Holistic Business Mentor Coach

I initially struggled with the business aspects, too.

I spent thousands of dollars on business trainings that weren’t quite the right fit or enough of the whole picture.  After hours of trial-and-error, I finally found a heart-centered way to run my business that felt authentic and created profitable results – earning my family over $1.25 million dollars.

I want to help you do the same – but with less struggle, time and effort!


All levels can be purchased independently in a Self Study Option or taken together as part of a the one year Facilitated Option which includes access to all the on-demand trainings plus 2 - 75 minute monthly group facilitated coaching and clarity calls.

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering

Through the step-by-step process, you will move from a place of overwhelm and confusion in terms of where to start and what to do into a place of clarity, confidence.

This 4 transformational-stage program starts by setting your first chakra muladhara roots for your business and bringing your vision energy to your third chakra manipura personal power center to activate your entrepreneurial spirit power and manifest your growing business.

You will set your inner and outer foundational business pillars as well as clarify the most important pieces in your main marketing message: your audience, your offer, your differential advantage and credibility, and why they need you

Each of the four business transformational stages include video instructional lessons and written material to guide the out-of-class supportive activities that develop the skill sets, business structures and marketing materials you need to complete this part of your practice development.

Stage 1: Designing Success for Balance Instead Of Burnout

  • The 5 Fundamental Business Structures You Need To Get Started – sleep better at night knowing you’ve got these relevant financial and legal pieces in place without wasting time on unnecessary business details
  • Clear your Shadow Saboteurs To Breakthrough Success Blocks – learn how to make sure you get out of your own way
  • Gather Your Allies develop the support structures and resources you need to elevate your momentum and keep you on track
  • 6 Toxic Thoughts That Keep You Battling Against Abundance – don’t let your mindsets derail you
  • Get More Done With Less Stress – leverage your work effort with these time-savvy tips and tools

Stage 2: Establish Your Authentic Credibility To Connect With Your Clients

  • Discover Your Abundance Alignment Tool#1 most powerful process to find the information that keeps you connected to your authentic self and abundance
  • Find Your Win-Win Partners with this simple Credibility Template
  • Express Your Expertise with The Confidence Checklist
  • How To Leverage Your Credibility On Your Website – learn the best place and formats to highlight the magnificent you
  • Identify and Learn How To Use Your Authority Amplifiers – to build trust and connection quickly

Stage 3: It’s A Match! Get Crystal Clear on Who Your Best Clients Are

  • The Easiest Way to Find Your Perfect Fit Audience so you can stop guessing and get started with the clients that are right for you
  • 3 Things About Your Client that Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder –  a vital part of that work-life-relax equation
  • Learn to Avoid The #1 Roadblock to Connecting with Your Client
  • The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Your Client – and a foolproof process that helps you get it
  • How your Desire to Serve Could Be Blocking You – unwrap your value perceptions to receive the profitable clients waiting for you
  • Scripts to Say No to People Who Are Not a Fit – and gently point them in another direction

Stage 4: How To Share Your Passion So People Pay To Work With You

  • The 4 Elements that Make Your Message Stand Out– create a crystal clear core marketing message that supports your consistent brand and attracts your ideal client
  • 3 Tips to Get People to Tune In to Your Message Instead of Tuning You Out – the whole point of marketing is to share with your people and create conversations
  • #1 Most Effective Client Conversation Tool and how to apply it to in-person as well as written formats
  • How to Provide Instantaneous Differentiation About Your Business and how this alone and knowing where to put it in your conversations will boost your connecting success to get more clients
  • Best Way to Answer The Key Question “What Do You Do?” – avoid the biggest error in describing your business and transform the glazed over phenomenon into genuine interest and engagement
  • 5 Common Marketing Errors That Repel – and what to do instead to attract your audience
  • Special Offer mailer done-for-you template

Jamie helped me establish my Ayurveda practice by getting clear on what I want my practice to be, how I can help people, and how to utilize all the information I have received.

Initially I was overwhelmed by how to market myself. Jamie gave me several vital pieces that transformed the confusion into confidence.   Jamie herself lives from a heart-centered space that is contagious and inspiring. She encourages and questions from a loving place and supports without a personal agenda. This was invaluable in building my sense of trust in my inner voice, honoring my own style and increasing my belief that what I’m offering is helpful.

On a practical level, she is highly skilled in translating the mumbo jumbo of what I’m trying to say and creating amazing marketing copy and tangible tools to speak more effectively to my clients. She brings a wealth of experience and seeing what she has done in her own practice is amazing and uplifting.

If you are wanting to gain confidence in your practice, pinpoint how to create a practice where you can give most positively, and narrow it all down into a cohesive plan…Jamie is the mother duck you want to fly behind as you spread your own wings.

Rachel Costello

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner,

My confidence in being able to create my independent Ayurveda business increased by 90% after working with Jamie!

Before working with Jamie, I was in a space of total unknowing in terms of how to establish a business. This created stress and doubt as to whether I could actually do it. Now I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to build my practice.

While most business classes are dry and boring, Jamie gears her programs around powerful self-exploration, building practical tools, and developing the language and confidence to effectively talk to people about Ayurveda. It was a very positive experience that essentially made the business aspects unintimidating and met my individual needs.

I highly recommend her for practitioners looking to be able to grow their own vision and business.

Michelle Garrett

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, AHC, CAP intern, Chicago Ayurveda, specializing in complex health conditions

When I enroll in Jumpstart Your Practice Self-Study Option, I will receive:

Access to the Members Only Resource Page where I will find the curriculum components, systems and templates for me to develop the lucrative and ease-filled structures I need for create the solid foundations for my profitable practice.

The resources to empower my mindsets to create my balanced success vision and to keep up through my expanding journey.

Mentor Learning videos to walk me through each of the different sections of the 4 transformation stages (access good for three months after purchasing the Self Study program)

Downloadable PDF guides for each of the transformative stages which include scripts, step-by-step processes and done-for-me forms

⇒ Bonus technical tutorial video demos

If you are a member of the National Ayurveda Medicine Association (NAMA), each level of the Business Success Breakthrough Program is eligible for 9 PACE credits.  After the course completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you will turn in to NAMA as part of the course verification process.

Looking for additional support?

The self study options are great if you are motivated to get things done and work well independently.

If you prefer not to go it alone, need additional resources to stay on track, and want a place to get your questions answered as they crop up by going through the material, feel free to take advantage of the Facilitated Business Success Breakthrough Option which includes:


  • On-demand access to all 3 levels of training - just like in the individual self study option, all the video and written material is available to you 24/7 that allows you to move at your own pace in your own space
  • Unlike the self-study programs, you will also receive a full year of direct support from Jamie with 2 - 75 minute Coaching & Clarity Webinars each month for to help implement all the learning and bust through challenges like...
    • Countering sabotaging mindsets
    • Fine tuning marketing copy
    • Technical set up help with your website, email marketing system, online scheduling tool
    • Feedback on program structures
    • Input on your ideal affinity audience
    • Planning out strategies
    • Tricky client conversations
    • Strengthening collaborative relationships
  • The synergistic energy of a peer group by tapping into the others' questions as well as a safe space to share in the private FB group.  All of the group participants note that they learn as much from the others as through their own process.  This group acts like your own mini Mastermind group to support your process.

100% Success Guaranteed

Your Enrollment in the “Business Success Breakthrough” is Risk-Free.

I am completely confident in this program, and I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a truly transforming experience for your practice!  And I'm here to support you in creating your success.

So here’s your guarantee. If after completing all the activities and assignments in the first transformation stage, you don’t feel it’s for you, I will apply what you paid to another program or individual coaching with me. Just let me know within the first 14 days of the program purchase by sending me an email with the completed assignments.

~Jamie Durner, Your Holistic Business Mentor Coach


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