Inspired Marketing that is authentic, compatible with your style, and meets your current needs not only boosts your marketing mojo, but also leads to greater success and less stress.

There are many different thoughts and ideas about how to best market your business.

I cover many different techniques and approaches in the Business Success Breakthrough programs.

But my view is that the “best” way is whatever way feels authentic, natural, inspiring and right to you – what I call Inspired Marketing.

Recently in a Coaching and Clarity session for the Fill Your Practice Now training program, I had two practitioners demonstrate this concept beautifully.

Inspired Marketing for greater easeAnd I’d love to share their AHA breakthroughs and inspired marketing with you in the hope that it will boost your own confidence in trusting your inner inspiration.

Leading into this coaching session we had been covering the idea of powerful conversations in terms of client enrollment for services and programs. One of the possibilities discussed for a client enrollment conversation was a complimentary Discovery Session. 

During a Discovery Session, the practitioner guides the client to assess more deeply their current challenge, how it’s affecting them and what place they are looking to create instead. As a practitioner, you get a better understanding of the person’s big picture and can see if and how your services can be of support.  The client gets a deeper awareness of their own big picture and connects to the value of support.

In both of these case study examples, the practitioners instead found a different type of enrollment conversation structure that felt more compatible to their marketing styles.

Case Study 1: creating experiential conversations and with direct-value results for the client

The first practitioner, Dana, had been exploring offering a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session.  But was struggling with how to fit in the clients to her schedule and was noticing that her energy to do it had really fizzled. 

Something wasn’t feeling right for her.

Through our coaching, Dana realized that her real passion is in experiential learning and community engagement. Dana herself is more of a kinetic and hands-on learner and enjoys discovering results by actually doing the practices versus just reading about things.

Her current business is focused on yoga – including private yoga therapy, workshops and classes – but she wants to expand in Ayurveda elements.

Instead of offering a free session around a verbal conversation, Dana decided that the best fit was to offer a 4-6 week complimentary self-care practices course to her current yoga community.  Each week will focus on a specific Ayurveda self-care practice.  This structure allows participants to become more familiar with what Ayurveda means and to directly see the results. Participants can then choose to do individual Ayurveda sessions or other group programs she offers.

As the new structure and inspired marketing idea unfolded, Dana’s voice and energy changed.

This direct experience idea around a shared community felt more authentic and doable.  And with this new idea, Dana’s energy for her inspired marketing project soared up to a level 9!

Stepping into the space of more inspired marketing created excitement and ease forDana.  This improved energy means it is more likely to happen.  Because it’s fun, Dana’s energy during the process will be aligned – increasing the chances of connection and new registrations. 

Case Study 2: discovering it’s easier than she thought

The second practitioner, Kala, came in to our coaching session feeling behind. She’d had to miss several recent sessions due to work commitments and hadn’t had a chance to go through all the homeplay activities. She was also struggling with the technical aspects of marketing.

In Kala’s coaching time, I heard her share how much had been unfolding internally for her that she hadn’t been claiming as progress. Yes, she hadn’t done some of the external program activities, but she had made huge shifts in terms of processing what her transition from an employee position to a private practice would look like.

Kala, who works in a hospital setting, had just recently given a well-received talk to a group of nurses about medical hypnosis for emotional healing.  

Her big inspired marketing AHA was two-fold:

First, realizing that it is the staff, with whom she has an affinity for and understands well, who may end up being her clients rather than the hospital patients.  And as she enjoys giving talks and already has connections to the staff, her initial marketing conversations could take a similar form of a free 6-week series showcasing all the mental/emotional health offerings she has.

Second, for right now, with her current medical industry contacts, she doesn’t need the tech systems (website and email marketing) to get started.  A business card, some program offerings and spreading the word is enough for now.  Whew, what a huge relief that was!

In breathing in this new awareness, Kala felt emotional in realizing just how much she has accomplished.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by what was left, she was able to celebrate all that she had done.

She left the call feeling excited to dig in to exploring these new options.  And her inner success marketing meter also bumped up to a level 9.

Bottom Line…

Donna and Kala had been feeling overwhelmed or stuck with an aspect of their business marketing.

While the proposed marketing tool was a helpful structure, the key to their newfound energy and success was finding how to tweak the structure to best fit each of their styles and current needs.

Connect to your own inspired marketing!

  1. Check in with what you know about yourself and your clients right now.
  2. See what’s working and where the energy feels positive.
  3. What do you feel inspired to do that keeps you moving forward?

If you’re looking for support to get you to your space of inspired marketing, the Business Success Breakthrough training programs that combine heart-centered, business savvy resources with direct coaching may be a fit for you.

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