Inner Balance Can Be A Reality When Looked At With A New Perspective

Most of us want more inner balance in life and business.   Yet each person’s definition and qualities of inner balance will differ.  Therefore, the only person who can tell you what you need to stay in balance is…YOU!

Yet, even with individual differences, there are general guidelines that can support your process of defining and achieving  your own recipe for inner balance.  Follow these steps to and start enjoying the rewards of a smoother ride through life today.

1. Recognize that inner balance isn’t static.

I have heard many people express frustration at their inability to “stay in balance”.  This statement reflects a belief that inner balance is a goal one completes (and is done with) or a permanent state one reaches.  In reality, inner balance is an ongoing dance, a self conversation in each moment in which changes are constantly made to adjust to where you are in each moment.  And where you are in each different moment is…well, different.  And therefore, what you need to be in inner balance is always changing.  Once you accept the fluctuating nature of inner balance, a big part of the struggle with “staying in balance” will shift.

2. Know who you are and what you value.

You are unique.

So drop the comparisons and move away from the stereotypes and claim what is right for you.  Though you will be adjusting in each moment to be in inner balance, you first need to know what it is that helps YOU find that balance.

Assess and recognize your natural rhythms, innate tendencies, and unique nature.

As an Ayurveda Professional, you already know your prakrti and vikrtri which will help guide the self-knowledge process.  But sometimes working with a coach can add other dimensions of your awareness and help your clarify hidden values.  The key is to work with your strengths and the inner truth of who you are, rather than swimming against your natural currents or trying to be who someone else wants you to be.

3. Chose activities that nurture your soul.

Identify what pieces of self care give you the stress relief and satisfaction that you are looking for.  For me, as long as I am able to do some movement, yoga, meditation and reading each day, I am content.

Household chores become more enjoyable if I do them while listening to a book on tape!  Marketing tasks I don’t love become lighter when I play yoga music in the background.

What are the activities that you need to feel nurtured so that you can give to your family or job with a light heart?

4. Keep expectations within reason.

Balance can easily get thrown into chaos through imbalanced choices.  The slippery slope of making a choice often starts with an unreasonable expectation.  You have a three hour time chunk available and a to-do list a mile long.  You will find greater success and less frustration if you set an expectation that will match the circumstances.

Instead of expecting to get to everything on that list, choose a 2-3 priorities, maybe even just one depending on the size, and focus on just those few priorities.

An easy pitfall when starting a new pattern is to channel your excitement and good intentions into a grand scale plan.  The problem is that your life may not have the time and regularity to achieve big goals daily.  Instead of aiming for two hours of blogging or website updates a day, start with twenty to thirty minutes a day.

By starting small and doing something daily, you will succeed!

As you honor your self commitment daily, it will build more quickly into an automatic habit.  Staying consistent also means you avoid excessive build up and overload.  Since you build stress and tension everyday, by releasing some of that tension daily, you have less chance of it becoming a more severe problem.

5. Find a buddy, a partner or a coach.
buddy system

Face it, doing it alone is often more challenging.

Tap into the support around you.  This might be a neighbor with whom to walk as part of your self-care, a colleague to share weekly business goals with, someone with whom to have a 30 minute weekly phone share or decompression session, or a professional coach to give you that neutral perspective.

Having morale support and shared energy can make a big difference in keeping you consistent and on track…especially on the days you’re dragging.

6. Make it fun.

This is self explanatory.  If something feels like drudgery, you aren’t going to want to do.  On the other hand, if you set up your business activities to have an element of fun, inspiration or excitement in them, follow through will be a piece of cake.

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