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Create a business plan tailored specific to your needs

Welcome Magnificent Holistic Practitioner

You’re here because you are ready to earn a consistent and bountiful income in your holistic practice and trying to figure out how to get there alone doesn’t feel right.

Congratulations – you’re making a wise investment for your life and your business!  Having the tailored individual support is priceless in being able to manage aspects of your business that are not developed or uncomfortable.

Whether you are a brand new, emerging or seasoned practitioner –  individual holistic business mentor coaching is perfect to  get the results you want faster and with greater ease.   In fact, having a mentor coach is a proven way to shortcut your path to success, lighten your work load, and diffuse feelings of overwhelm, stress and isolation.

So if you are ready for greater abundance with less struggle, you’ve come to the right place!

With mentor coaching you receive

Mentor coaching is the integrative blend of life coaching techniques and mentoring. The service is anchored in developing and implementing business structures and resources but coming from an inner-connected heart-centered space.

As your holistic business mentor…

I share proven business strategies that I have learned and developed in my 25 years in private practice.

  • I will share with you best practices for how to structure your business for prosperous profits while enhancing the transformative experiences your clients have.
  • We will explore what the most authentic ways are for you to expand your reach and impact in the world – which I know, is important for you.
  • I will guide you in setting up savvy business structures that save you time so you can spend more time doing the client work you love.
  • I will offer you templates to create your marketing pieces with less time and effort.

As your coach…

I will support you in making your business decisions in alignment with your highest authentic self.

  • I will help your brainstorm options, explore possibilities and navigate the speed bumps.
  • We will work together to breakthrough outdated beliefs, self sabotaging thoughts, and demoting habits that will likely show up from time to time.  I will help you find the legitimate source of need and find better options to move you toward the business and lifestyle you crave.
  • I will celebrate with you all the things that are going well so you can expand from that place of success.  I will also highlight the depths of strength and resources you didn’t even know you had.

Everything I’ve done with Jamie has convinced me I can—and helped me know how to—have the professional, heart-centered, and lucrative business I’ve always imagined!

I came to Jamie with my business in a do-or-die space.  After years of working hard without growing the client base or income I wanted, I needed to figure out whether the business in my dreams was actually viable or if it was time to let it go and get a “real” job.   

I now have the confidence, vision, resources, and mindset to know that YES, I can have a profitable professional business.  Though I put in the time and energy to do the much-needed work, I could not have done it or have gotten to this point without Jamie’s guidance and support.  

The six-month individual coaching program was the perfect fit for me. Initially, I had considered Jamie’s three-month program; however, I correctly assessed that I would need a bit more time to reach my goals for my work with her. At the end of the six months I was thrilled to feel completely ready to take off on my own and continue moving my business forward! Specifically, I gained: 

  • Clarity around how I want my business to look, who I want to serve, what I need to feel fulfilled in my work, and the steps involved to get me there 
  • Insight about my fears around change and business growth, which helped me work through those fears and get out of my own way on the path to my goals 
  • Empowerment to claim my right to work with the type of client I truly love, which helped take away any sense of competition and allowed me to begin to build better collaborative relationships with colleagues 
  • Structure and Guidance in breaking down all the technical and logistical tasks necessary for growing my business, which had felt intimidating or overwhelming to me before, so I was able to not only understand them, but actually get them done
  • Confidence in speaking about my business to potential clients, referral partners, and at networking groups 

Jamie provided a structure for me and held me accountable to complete the tasks I determined needed to be done each week. Her ability to help me stay focused and on track with my big vision goals, while also meeting me where I was at any given point in a session and support my immediate needs or questions, made a big difference in my success.   

I absolutely love the “mentor coaching” approach Jamie offers. She pairs traditional coaching—keeping my needs and agenda at the forefront and guiding me to discover my answers and my path to achieve success—with her vast business knowledge and resources so I didn’t have to know it all or come up with everything from scratch.   

Whether you’re just starting out your independent business and feeling at a loss at what to do or if you’ve been at it awhile and need help – I highly recommend you work with Jamie.  What she does is invaluable!

Joanie Nicholas

All Things Organized, www.organizewithjoanie.com


Take Your Commitment To The Next Level


1:1 Mentor Coaching is all about you 

Focused completely on your needs, your timeline to help you:

  • Gain clarity on what you want to create
  • Breakthrough mindset limitations blocking your success
  • Set up strategies and structures
  • Define your audience and how to best speak to them, including how to adjust your marketing copy to captivate and inspire action with your ideal audience
  • Explore what marketing tools fit your natural genius
  • Find your tech solutions and troubleshoot challenges; if needed I  even offer screen-sharing “do it together” support to walk you through setting up a website, starting your email marketing campaigns, and implementing awesome online scheduling that is almost as good a front desk person
  • And most importantly, have the support to implement your plans consistently into action to reach your goals

This implementation stage is the longest as it’s ongoing!  Having the experienced partner to adjust to the challenges that will arise is why it’s important to work with a coach long enough to have your business and your confidence mature and blossom.

Holistic Business Mentor Coaching is a process that works best consistently over time and may be used to support all aspects of your business development including addressing mindsets, gremlins, customer service issues, attracting more clients, retaining clients, marketing tools, tech support, finding your aligned partners, and life balance challenges. As life is related to business, additional life aspects may show in your coaching needs as related to business and all of this is okay!

As an individual mentor client, you and I will have a close relationship that starts with the Magnificent Self Discovery session to lay the groundwork for your success.  I use a set of proprietary resources to give you the #1 tool to stay in alignment for your best business self. You will use this tool to help you make all your business choices and take actions with ease and confidence.

You’ll also receive 1:1 sessions and laser coaching support between sessions each month.

Choose the program that’s right for you

VIP Holistic Business Mentor Coaching

VIP Holistic Business Mentor Coaching

We’re All In!


Boost Your Practice Holistic Business Mentor Coaching

1:1 Holistic Business Mentor Coaching

Flexible Support


You’re fully committed to do whatever it takes to create a consistent and abundant income while facilitating transformation with your clients.

And you want all the unrestricted benefits of having a mentor coach who’s ‘all in’ right there with you.

This program gives you a year long structure of direct coaching along with the all the hours of video instruction and dozens of pages of handout guides, worksheets, and done-for-your templates from the Business Success Breakthrough training program.  You have the freedom to dance in that structure in whatever way best serves you!

  A 90-minute foundational “Magnificent Self Discovery” session

  A 90-minute Business Strategy Session to define your business success, plot out your quarterly and annual goals, and identify your quarterly marketing actions.  Get the big picture overview of where you’re going to anchor your vision so you can then focus on the steps you need to take now.

  Instant access to all instructional videos and written material for the 12 transformation stages of the Business Success Breakthrough training program.

 ✓  3-50 minute monthly 1:1 customized coaching sessions.  Ideally sessions are used within the month but if there are issues, sessions can carry over for use at a later date

✓ In-between session email and laser phone support for one year

  Bonus expert interviews and tech demonstrations

  ✓ Done-for-You Templates and Scripts to make your business set up faster, easier, and stress-less

  6 additional hours of as needed emergency support 

You’re ready for support but you don’t now how much you need and want the flexibility to explore.

A minimum 3-month initial commitment is required, but you can also choose a longer term of 6, 9 or 12 months.   Once your initial commitment is completed, you can choose to continue your coaching on a month-to-month level.  

This is also a great “I’m ready for more” coaching option once you’ve gone through an initial program.

You choose what to focus on each session that supports your overall goals.

  A 90-minute foundational “Magnificent Self Discovery” session

  3-50 minute monthly 1:1 customized coaching sessions.  Sessions are to be used within the month. Unused sessions do not carry over except with prior approval due to special circumstances.  You can choose to go at an accelerated pace and instead of monthly sessions, the monthly rate would cover each 3-session series with a minimum commitment of 9 coaching sessions.

  Short follow up email support in between scheduled coaching.  These are for support and clarity on the action items you’ve chosen at your coaching session but are not to cover new issues or business.

 ✓  Written resources and development materials from the Business Success Breakthrough program as relevant to your needs. Unlike the VIP program, you don’t  have access to the on-demand full training programs, but rather I select the written resources as fits your specific needs.

Jamie helped me establish my Ayurveda practice by getting clear on what I want my practice to be, how I can help people, and how to utilize all the information I have received.

Initially I was overwhelmed by how to market myself. Jamie gave me several vital pieces that transformed the confusion into confidence.   Jamie herself lives from a heart-centered space that is contagious and inspiring. She encourages and questions from a loving place and supports without a personal agenda. This was invaluable in building my sense of trust in my inner voice, honoring my own style and increasing my belief that what I’m offering is helpful.

On a practical level, she is highly skilled in translating the mumbo jumbo of what I’m trying to say and creating amazing marketing copy and tangible tools to speak more effectively to my clients. She brings a wealth of experience and seeing what she has done in her own practice is amazing and uplifting.

If you are wanting to gain confidence in your practice, pinpoint how to create a practice where you can give most positively, and narrow it all down into a cohesive plan…Jamie is the mother duck you want to fly behind as you spread your own wings.

Rachel Costello

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, https://www.joyfulayurveda.com/

My results working with Jamie were immediate and life changing.

I went in feeling challenged by lack of confidence, fear for the financial future, confused about my strengths and passion, and stuck in procrastination around taking action on my dreams and ideas.

And in the first session, it all changed. I got an immediate clearer vision and the internal commitment to follow my heart at every opportunity.  This led to saying yes to studying with the best teachers in my industry, making great connections and recently being offered a protégée opportunity including receiving the overflow of clients from a teacher.

I have a steady business that is on the cusp of a bigger boom.  And I gained inner treasures that anchor my business and my life: confidence, an unwavering belief that I am on the right path, the willingness to listen to and trust the whispers and nuances in myself and the world.  I am now clear on the clients I want to work with and have the financial roadmap Jamie helped me develop so I can see what is possible.

When I say that I work with the best, Jamie is among that list. She has a broad background filled with highly effective knowledge as well as an incredible left and right brain approach to business.   She is dedicated to learning and is authentic and genuine.  She is like an amplifier – helping me to see and hear more clearly what I already know in order to move forward.  There is a world of practice and a world of ideas - she has both.  I highly recommend her for coaching and training.

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Health

My confidence in being able to create my independent Ayurveda business increased by 90% after working with Jamie!

Before working with Jamie, I was in a space of total unknowing in terms of how to establish a business. This created stress and doubt as to whether I could actually do it. Now I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to build my practice.

While most business classes are dry and boring, Jamie gears her programs around powerful self-exploration, building practical tools, and developing the language and confidence to effectively talk to people about Ayurveda. It was a very positive experience that essentially made the business aspects unintimidating and met my individual needs.

I highly recommend her for practitioners looking to be able to grow their own vision and business.

Michelle Garrett

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, AHC, CAP intern, Chicago Ayurveda, specializing in complex health conditions

Working with Jamie Durner as a business coach improved my work habit structure to balance my creative impulses with greater profitable productivity.

It really helped that Jamie understands my Ayurvedic business model, being a Practitoner herself. Instead of getting stuck in last minute project overwhelm, I feel calmer and less stressed with tools to break down the tasks in a manageable way - and actually feel more joy in the process! More than just being a life/business coach, Jamie holds the space for spiritual exploration and integrates the Ayurvedic perspective into the conversation. Unlike some business coaches I worked with, she is real, down to earth, and spiritually connected instead of being salesy, slick and only focused on business.

If you are an Ayurvedic professional looking for business support within a broader personal-spiritual framework, she is a good match.

Corinna Maharani

CAP, PK Expert and teacher, maharaniayurveda.com | www.maharaniacademy.com

Individual coaching is right for you if…

I want you to be able to get the most out of your coaching experience and be successful

To be able to do this, I have found that clients who have the following characteristics experience the best results:

  • You show up.  This is the #1 most important trait I see.  You show up for your appointments and treat them as priorities.  You show up to do the work on your business.  You show up for yourself in terms of self-care, recognizing that to serve others, you have to fill yourself up first.  You show up even when you didn’t accomplish what you had wanted.  You especially show up when you are struggling in order to get the support you need.  Showing up is 90% of the process.
  • You are committed to taking actions to move your business forward.  Beyond the main commitment to show up, you are committed to turning your learning into results through consistent action.  I invite you to take actions that are inspired from your heart and inner wisdom.  These are usually the actions that are aligned with your magnificent self and soul purpose.  You decide at the end of each session what you are called to do.  I follow up at the next session to support those actions and learning that comes from them.
  • You are self responsible and take responsibility for your choices and your care.  You create your reality and if you don’t like what’s happening, you look at what you need to change.  You value self-care as a vital part of being able to serve others.  Nurturing yourself regularly is self-full, not selfish. *You can believe this and still be growing into living it!
  • You recognize that this is an investment and not an expense.  An expense is something you’ve spent money on.  An investment is something you put money into for future gains.  This type of an abundance mindset allows you to creatively create the “how-to” to reap these long-term dividends.  In taking such action you also energetically line up with the belief that you are worth investing in and you are creating success!
  • You value a balanced head-heart approach.  You are ready to combine energetic and psychospiritual resources with the traditional business strategies.  You understand that thoughts, energy and your personal self-care – what I call the inner game of business – play an important role in your business development and success.
  • You are open – to new perspectives, to your personal development that underlies your business growth, to trying on new ways of doing things, and to learning.  Rather than seeing something as a failure, you experience life through the lens of learning opportunities.
  • You value partnership and collaboration.  Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Knowing what resources to use and when allows you to give your best gifts where they are needed and spend your time in ways that are more fulfilling and effective.

I'm interested, what's the next step?

If everything you’ve read so far feels like a yes and you’re inspired, the next step is to schedule your complimentary session where we make sure we’re the right fit and can discuss which program is your best resource.

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