Your ideal audience is who you are aiming your current marketing to – whether you are writing a web page, a blog post or a flyer for a workshop.

And to create a connection and compelling message, you need to know your ideal audience and be able to speak to them in specific terms.

Unfortunately, most of us holistic practitioners don’t start out as master wordsmiths.  Copy writing isn’t necessarily a natural skill set.  And talking about our services or programs in a way that speaks directly to the ideal audience can feel like a foreign language.

Honing in on the specific details helps to short cut the process and allows you to find words that touch the heart of the ideal audience you are trying to reach.

I recently walked a student in the Business Success Breakthrough Level 1 program through this process of getting specific using the parameters of demographics and psychographics.

Demographics generally refer to the external factors of the person’s life: profession, geographic location, age, gender, income, family role, ethnicity, religion, etc.  Not all of them will pertain to your marketing, but they can.

Psychographics refer to the internal selectors – the values, style and philosophy of the client.  These are just as important, especially in relation to who you enjoy working with.

Putting these two aspects together allows you to have a clearer idea of what your client audience is all about – and speak to them more effectively in your marketing copy.

Now back to my student, a yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, who was fine-tuning a plan for a workshop.

Her first step the week before had been to narrow down the topic to an identifiable specific issue.  Rather than teaching a generic Intro to Ayurveda basics workshop, I encouraged her to think of a common core issue that her community struggled with.  Based on that, she chose to focus on stress.

This week we went deeper, painting a clearer picture of who this workshop is for:

  • middle-aged woman working in caretaking professions, like teaching and nursing
  • who are in high pressure, environments
  • are feeling drained and overwhelmed
  • value giving back to themselves
  • are open to learning more about natural health
  • want to feel less fatigued and overwhelmed and have more energy

Look at all those rich, juicy words to weave into a workshop flyer!

Can you see the headline now…Natural Tools for Caretakers to Boost Energy and Decrease Overwhelm (or something like that).

Defining your audience is great for overall business.

Defining the audience is also an important tool for any project or program you are doing.

Every program needs a purpose and a specific audience.  You are targeting that audience in a specific way with the very words you use.

When you can define the audience and their needs and speak to them specifically, the results are better.

Here’s some further examples between specific and vague client definitions.

A 45-year-old man who is sick of his job and looking for a more fulfilling career that pays well A man
A person with type 2 diabetes A person with a chronic health condition
A woman entrepreneur who works part-time (20 hours) from home A business owner
An entrepreneurial mom with children under 10 years old A mom (can range in age from teenagers to 90-year-old women)
A father going through divorce or a 55-year-old woman rebuilding her life after divorce A divorced person (a huge group with too much variation in terms of time and circumstance)
A heterosexual 35 year old single woman looking for a life partner and wants to have a baby while she still can A woman who wants a great relationship (could be a 20-year- old lesbian or 70-year-old who’s been married for 50 years)
A female 45-50 year old corporate executive who’s close to burnout experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, lack of mental focus, hot flashes, and digestive irritability A person who is stressed out
A 50-year-old mom with grown children who is redefining herself and her life purpose Women in transition

The word of the day here: SPECIFIC!

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Have fun creating!

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