Business Success Breakthrough Training

Helping Holistic Practitioners Build A Profitable Business With Greater Ease

AYURVEDA & HOLISTIC INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONALS: Independent Doctors ● Practitioners ● Counselors ● Body Therapists ● Panchakarma Technicians ● Chefs ● Yoga Teachers/Therapists ● Life & Wellness Coaches● Animal Communicators ● Vastu/Feng Shui Practitioners ● Vedic and Western Astrologers ● Integrative Healers

Create a Profitable, Growing, and Sustainable Business

If you’re tired of struggling with how to start or grow your holistic business…you’ve arrived at the right place!


✓ Confidently Create Your Dream Practice

✓ Attract Your Ideal Clients Naturally and Authentically

✓ Fill Your Holistic Practice Efficiently and Easily

✓ Enjoy Easy Enrollment Conversations

✓ Create Powerful Relationships That Sustain Your Practice Effortlessly


 I know that you have a PASSION for holistic healing and whole person health.

And you deserve to earn a great living following your heart while serving the many people today who desperately need your gifts, talents and resources.

I also know that running your own business can be challenging and feel like a lot of work.

At least it can sure feel that way – especially for those in the healing fields where business may not be your second nature.

Let’s face it, as an Ayurveda or holistic professional you got into the profession because you love making an impact in people’s health and life, not because you want to (or know how to) do marketing and bookkeeping.

You are not alone.

Yet, in the United States, currently there are not many options to be hired for many of the holistic professionals including ayurveda, animal communication, astrology, vastu/Feng Shui – either as an independent contractor or as an employee.

Whether by circumstance or choice, for the vast majority of holistic professionals, this means running your own business.

And, honestly, I looked around our industry and saw many of my peers spending time and money getting trained – only to find it very difficult to actually make a sustainable living from it because they are missing vital business, marketing or practice management skills.

So, I chose to do something about it!

Because I refuse to let the “business side” burn good people and their natural gifts out … or worse yet, have them give up.

As a former newbie to running my own business, I too, felt overwhelmed and frustrated about how to grow my business. I don’t want you to have to spend the years and thousands of dollars I did taking multiple different business programs.


I want your transition into successful self-employment to be smoother and easier than mine was!

I Created The Business Success Breakthrough Program For Heart-Centered Ayurveda & Holistic Professionals Like You Who Are Ready To Earn A Great Living Sharing Your Passion

This exclusive mentoring program is right for you if any of the following is true for you…click the plus button to read more details

You are confident in your Ayurveda or professional holistic skills, but have little experience running a private practice.

With little knowledge when it comes to starting an independent business, you may often find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck and are even considering whether to give it all up.

This program is designed to move you from clarity to confidence.

The Business Success Breakthrough program is powerful because it is in-depth and gives you a comprehensive step-by-step system. It breaks down the complexity of building your prosperous practice into easy-to-follow stages that meet you where you’re at.  You will get the big picture view of business before diving into the details to create your marketing tools, and then implement them.

Not tech savvy?  No worries, there will be clear instructions and demos to walk you through the set up of the key pieces of the marketing system along with additional resources for support.

You have recently graduated from an Ayurveda or Holistic program.

And are overwhelmed by where to start to grow your business and are looking for support.  You’re actually here at the perfect time.  You have a blank slate to start building all your tools in an efficient and strategic way to get your practice jumpstarted!

You are tired of wasting time and energy on marketing efforts that don’t deliver the results you want.

Instead you want tools that are consistently effective. Instead of having to take different trainings on narrow aspects of business, you want one integrated program that gives you a step-by-step blueprint on what you need to be successful in comprehensive way.

You want to be treated as a whole person – not just taught business skills.

You recognize that the professional and personal are interconnected and value the coaching support to clear the personal issues that are spilling over into business challenges.  You will absolutely learn tangible business and marketing resources. 

But your professional self is not separate from your personal self and you want a program that address the whole person you are.

You want a program where the details are fully transparent and laid out up front clearly.

This multi-level program is designed to give you the core pieces for your business to succeed.  Though to get the best results, it is recommended to do the three levels together, you can also choose where to start or which levels best meet your needs.

There is no hidden next step at the end with a hefty price tag to “up-level” you to get what you really need.  There may be additional components added in to the program over time, but these will also be clearly laid out and purely optional based on where you are at.

You want direct support and feedback on your marketing activities.

You value the concrete training but want more than information.

You want input on what’s landing well and where you want to tweak things in terms of your marketing materials. Great! 

With the Facilitated Support option, you receive individual laser coaching support as well as a dynamic group forum to get the direct feedback you want, stay inspired, be accountable, and move forward to the success you desire.

You are ready to commit and work on your business.

Whether you choose the Self Study option or the Facilitated Support 1 year option, all of the training materials are accessible on-demand so that you can go at your pace. 

To help you plan your time with the program, know that it will take about 3 hours per each training module to go through the instructional videos and read the guides.  At the end of each module will be an action check list with implementation steps you can choose from.  I encourage you to take actions that feel inspiring and right for you based on where you are at.  The implementation aspects will take the largest amount of time and will vary per person based on what you choose. 

To effectively move forward and get the best results from the training, I recommend planning on spending 4-6 hours each week woking “on your business”. 

With this is mind, you will have the time and energy to commit to 3-12 months (depending on how many levels you do and if you choose the 1 year Facilitated Support option) and are ready to use the enthusiasm and momentum of the group structure to achieve your goals.

You are passionate about sharing Ayurveda or your Holistic healing knowledge, and are ready to invest in the skills and do whatever it takes to transform this passion into a profitable business.

*The program is made up of three interconnecting levels, which are recommended to do together for the best results. However, if you feel like you already have certain skill sets, you can take the individual levels that meet your needs.

Inside you know and trust that you CAN HAVE the practice and income you want!

And you are ready for a guide to show you the way.  The first step of commitment starts with you!  And though fluctuating doubts and questions are a normal part of any creation process, you know deep inside that your dream becoming a reality exists.

If you are looking for incredible emotional support and a well thought out map to make setting up your business easier, I encourage you to sign up for the Business Success Breakthrough now!

Before I started the program, I was completely stalled and overwhelmed about how to start my business. Although I had multiple books on business building, it all seemed too complex. I had no idea where to start and felt guilty because I had spent all this time and money on my training, and it was just sitting there. I couldn’t let myself relax or have time off because I felt I always should be doing something, yet didn’t know what to do. I was emotionally drained and frustrated.

The information Jamie provided in the program fully met my needs for where I was - starting from scratch. Even though I was working full-time, I was able to move forward in small ways and actually get something done. Her support made a huge difference in my life and being able to forge ahead.

  • I now have a complete map and tools to move forward without being crippled by overwhelm
  • I am confident that I CAN do it
  • I am more accepting of where I’m at and trust that as the time is right, I will know what to do next
  • My feelings of guilt went down by 90% and my emotional drain down by 80%
  • I have a better idea of how to combine my focus on Ayurveda and therapy, which was holding me back before

One of the things I appreciate about Jamie is her ability to break down complex ideas and technical processes in a way that even I can follow.   The program was structured in a logical and methodical way that guided me from start to finish in exactly what to do. Whatever the topic, it was broken down so I could build it step-by-step. Each class and level built on each other, so it made sense and I could see how it all the pieces fit together. For example, it doesn’t make sense to know how to build a website without knowing what I want to say with the content.

Lastly, the support I got in the program was incredible. The coaching and clarity calls were a great way to get direct coaching support as well as learn from the others in the group so I didn’t feel so alone. Hearing about the experiences of the other students and how they were putting the information together to meet their needs helped me get new ideas and perspective, which was invaluable. 

Jamie is warm, welcoming, patient and incredibly understanding, especially around computer and technical challenges. She creates a space that is accepting, encouraging, and playful. She knows everything so well that I could ask a question from any part of the material and she was able to not only answer it, but also relate it back to other areas we’d covered so I got a deeper overall understanding. I was surprised to discover that the program actually provided a breather in my week and was relaxing!

Kala Bailey

Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Ayurveda Practitioner,

This program and system is completely unique.

You won’t find any other business training like it.

You Need A System

You ALREADY HAVE all the inner knowledge necessary to build the business that you want.

It’s true.

Unfortunately, what’s MISSING is the specific plan with the steps in the right order to build your prosperous practice with ease.

While the steps and pieces are not a secret, if you don’t know how to put them in order and what to utilize when, you can experience frustration and confusion. You likely will also be working harder yet getting fewer results.

In using this comprehensive business training system you can expect to get MORE…

✓ More clarity on how to attract clients who love you, pay you well and appreciate your services

✓ More confidence in filling your practice with tools that authentically express you

✓ More consistency in your cash and client flow

✓ More fun and joy in the process of running your business (yes, it’s possible!)

✓ More time for yourself and your business while maintaining a priority on your own Self-Care

Step-by-Step System

Breaks down the complexity of building your prosperous practice into easy-to-follow stages that meet you where you’re at.

Personalized Feedback

Creation is a process and having outside input from an experienced professional makes it easier.  Here you get copy support and coaching on how to apply the proven strategies to your unique business. You become crystal clear about your message, your marketing plan and how to move forward with ease.

Mindset Coaching

Release and reframe the inner blocks that prevent you from bringing your success fully into the world.  An invaluable part of the inner game of business.

Tangible Marketing Tools

Designed to create specific marketing pieces and structures in a strategic way.  The process will feel more manageable and unfold with ease, rather than creating information and work overload. Best of all – have the practical tools to connect with your ideal audience.  Attract more clients and build the relationship that keeps them coming back.

Implementation Support

Experiential technical training along with direct coaching support allow you to grow with confidence.  Don’t just learn it, get it done!

Aligned with your Authentic Self

Build your business around being true to your authentic self. You are supported to choose business strategies that don’t compromise your soul purpose and avoid language or marketing techniques that are pushy, disconnected, downright obnoxious – and certainly not out of alignment with you.


I am going to give you the Specific Steps to Launch Your Prosperous Practice

Jamie Durner, Holistic Business Mentor CoachAs a seasoned Holistic Practitioner, I built and have sustained a successful practice over the past 25 years, with an Ayurveda focus the past 7 years.

In addition to my 3,500+ hours of professional holistic training, I completed 15 different business and marketing programs to take my practice to higher levels.  I have over 2,000 hours as a certified life and leadership coach, helping individuals create an abundant life (including the business aspects) and use my coaching skills to help you find your best solutions as you explore putting the business pieces together.

To step into my full success, I had to overcome an innate scarcity mindset, which I did through the help of a special meditation. Believe me, I know that the inner game of business success is as important as the outer tools you use – not only to build your practice but to stay in it year after year!

My efforts paid off.

In the past fifteen years, I earned over $1.25+ million dollars, primarily working part-time. My income supported my kids’ Waldorf and college education, family vacations, and retirement needs.  When my husband was out of work for 14 months and then we sustained two households for another year during the job transition, I held full financial responsibility for my family with my business.

And I want to be able to help you create your own dream prosperous practice!

Today, I combine my insider wellness knowledge as an Ayurveda & Holistic Practitioner with practical business insight & expertise to serve emerging and developing holistic professionals to build businesses that are profitable, sustainable and fulfilling.

By expanding your own focus and commitment to take actions that are in alignment with your values, purpose and natural talents, you step into a space of ease with your business tasks.


By supporting you in overcoming your challenges to step into your confident power as a business owner, you can enjoy abundant and freeing results such as:

  • Not only feeling comfortable with your head-heart balanced business tools, but also having the time and focus to implement them
  • Feeling confident in claiming the value of your magnificent services to create a successful practice with a solid income to support your self and family
  • Feeling connected instead of isolated as a solo business person
  • Enjoying healthy and balanced client boundaries
  • Growing and sustaining your business more easily through your natural, heart-connected marketing, professional collaborations, and fabulous customer care
  • Having the inner tools to ride the waves business ownership and minimize the stress of business so you don’t feel like throwing in the ownership towel
  • Enjoy more fun, flow and ease in your business
  • Experience abundance without excessive work practices


Your Business Success Breakthrough training program was exactly what I needed!

I came to the program because, though I had been in sales forever, I hadn’t worked as a holistic healer before and selling items is different than selling just yourself and your capabilities. I was feeling new and raw and that no one would want to work with me without experience.  I now have the confidence and tools to keep moving forward without second-guessing myself.

I received lots of insight on technical aspects, such as how to make my website more effective to connect and communicate with my clients.  I have a better idea of whom my ideal client is and, in being able to own my credibility, am now able to recognize why people will work with me.  I learned more effective ways to communicate with clients at all levels of engagement, as well. 

My biggest take away from the program was a new level of personal growth that has boosted my credibility and confidence and which shines through to my clients. You don’t get this with most traditional sales or business training and it has been a game changer in how I feel about my new holistic business.

The material presented was awesome and so much more than what I’d expected. Jamie has a lovely, mindful and heart-centered way of helping you to find your own answers and overcome obstacles and insecurities in the mind.

 In terms of marketing tools, the techniques I learned on how to communicate with potential clients alone was worth the program investment! Jamie gave me a streamlined, organized and more effective approach to feel confident in the initial conversations with prospective clients. From assessing whether the person is a fit or not, to being able to gather more information to create a support plan, I am getting better outcomes and more new clients.

 The whole program is great and presented in a way you can easily understand and use it. Having the Coaching and Clarity sessions was helpful in being able to listen to the great questions the others brought forth. I took away new things every single time and got the individual support I needed.

Christa Boudreau

Ayurvedic Pranic Healer, AHC @ Root Energetics, 847-351-3044

Here’s How the Business Success Breakthrough Program Works

The Business Success Breakthrough Program is an online virtual mentor coaching program that integrates learning specific business and marketing skills, actionable activities that create tangible marketing materials and develop your practice, and coaching support to breakdown success barriers and help you stay on track to implement your resources.

For each of the three integrated learning levels, there is a series of on-demand educational tools including PDF guides, checklists, video instructional components, and done-for-you templates and scripts. 

For each mentor learning component, you will have activities to do and implement that will create your business structures for success.  You will work at your own pace on the learning and then get whatever support you need with small group coaching webinars.  

Over your six month or one year commitment, depending on which option you choose, you will increase your knowledge and resources and have the support to create and implement the business strategies to create the results you want.


Mentor Learning

Each of the three levels of training has 4 mentor learning modules.  Each module has approximately 1.5 – 2 hours of instructional videos split into viewing segments of 5-30 minutes.  Use your written guide in conjunction with the video segments to build success.

Flexible Online Format

No matter where you’re geographically located, the program trainings and coaching support are accessible via phone or internet connection.  All coaching sessions are recorded and posted on the resource page if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

Coaching & Clarity Sessions

Recognizing the importance of an actual mentor guide and group to learn and get support from, the facilitated program provides small group coaching with individual laser coaching, clarity with answers to your questions, and for clearing or reframing unsupportive mindsets.  Additional Private Coaching available.

On Demand Access

All the training materials are available to you 24/7. 

Work at your own time, at your own pace. 

Simply go to the Member’s Only Resource Page and off you go!


Guides, Checklists, & Templates

Downloadable templates and resources help take the guesswork out of how to make your marketing materials.  Create and implement your marketing tools easier and faster.  Each learning section comes with a complete written guide as well.


Bonus Private Facebook Group

Tap into further support through your community of other holistic practitioners.  This optional resource is a great place to ask questions, share resources, get feedback on copy, find an accountability buddy.  Reach out – you are not alone!


To get the business, marketing and practice management resources and support you need

Level 1 Jumpstart Your Practice: Go from Confusion to Confidence!

Shift the overwhelm to OMG as you stop second-guessing what to do. Start receiving professional guidance to take those first steps to create the profitable and predictable practice you deserve.  

Program Benefits

  • You’ll be crystal clear and confident about who the ideal people are for you to serve
  • You’ll know exactly how to share about your expertise so your services stand out
  • You’ll know at your core what makes you unique and attractive to your ideal clients
  • You’ll break down the marketing process to create your first business tools to start attracting clients today!
  • You’ll develop tangible marketing tools including verbal and written introductions, credential sheets, position statement, short bio, 4 key sections for your website, and a Linked In headline
  • You’ll know the 5 fundamental business structures you need
  • You’ll know how to play your inner business game for success


Level 2 Fill Your Practice Now: Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients

Now that you have your basic business foundations set, it’s time to spread the word online.

Take your message wider throughout your community with advanced tools while creating smarter business structures to leverage your time more effectively and create more transformative experiences for your clients.


  • Stress-free pricing to help you claim value for your services
  • Profit-time leveraged service structures to help your clients get faster results, and help you work less while earning more
  • How to best structure your website and make your content stand out to your ideal audience
  • How to take advantage of your natural avenues of expression and sharing your gifts in a stress-free way
  • Prepare to take your marketing online with a website blueprint
  • How to leverage your conversations authentically with potential ideal clients


Level 3 Loyal & Lasting Relationships: Keep the Clients You Love Who Give Raving Referrals

Deepen client and community relationships as you take your business to the next level.


  • Greater practice management skills to increase the satisfaction of your clients and their desire to stay active and involved
  • Enhance your clients’ experiences to deepen their commitment
  • New perspectives on the power of your paperwork and how to get the most out of what you’ve giving your clients
  • Crystal clear communication techniques to make all conversations smoother and more comfortable
  • Systems and structures to take advantage of the natural referrals
  • Copywriting and content tips to make your email marketing land more effectively
  • How and when to take advantage of affiliate relationship and set up community membership programs



Self Study Option or 6 | 12 Month Facilitated Groups

For best results, all three levels of training should be taken together in the order laid out as the material builds in each level.

I know that you are juggling life – including the work-home time and financial pieces.

I also personally know the importance of investing in yourself and your business.

Being one to always honor balance, I created this program in such a way to give you options to support your own balance and needs.

Each of the three program levels can be taken as a self study option for just $397 -an incredibly affordable way to get the heart-centered, business savvy resources you want.

  1. Jumpstart Your Practice
  2. Fill Your Practice Now
  3. Loyal & Lasting Relationships

This works great if you are a strong self starter and work well on your own.  You go at your own pace and pick what you need for your business in terms of the program levels.  

If like many of us, you do best with the support of external structures and want the time, space, and extra help to best support your success, the Facilitated Program option could be perfect.  This option includes access to all three levels of on-demand material combined with up to one full year of monthly small group coaching support – all for less than $200/month and with three payment plans for greater budget flexibility.

Considering the investment of 1:1 business coaching ranges from $500-5000/month, the Facilitated Program is budget friendly option!  

NAMA approved PACE provider

Each Business Success Breakthrough level is approved for 9 PACE credits for topics in wellness for National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) members.  Talk to Jamie about the credits for the Facilitated Program option.

For more details on submitting PACE documentation click HERE


Thank you Jamie!  I found your program just when I needed it.

I was at a point in my yoga business where I wanted to integrate in more aspects of my Ayurveda training and the Business Success Breakthrough program came at a perfect time.

The biggest result is this program was it helped me form a plan of action.  There were many practical tools that I could use and adapt to meet my needs, such as guidelines on how to begin a conversation with a client.

You were very generous with your support and I appreciate your reminder in going through the transformational stages “not to stress”.

In terms of organization of the program, I give very high ratings.  You made all of the material very accessible, both on an offline.  You created a Facebook group, and answered our questions when we asked.    I felt that having a follow up Coaching and Clarity Session was a great way to get support.

I always feel that if I walk away with one idea from a program that I can focus on and apply, that it has been successful. In your program, I am walking away with several ideas including:

  • Being able to see and celebrate my past experiences to tap into what I already know, which increased my confidence
  • Being authentic and passionate works well for me and you helped highlight my unique talents and how to be true to myself while letting my light shine without feeling as awkward
  • I like how you started out the program, helping us to see our current state and to look more deeply into our tendencies and how we work, and what holds us back.
  • How to take my passions and skillfully create a business plan with them. For example, becoming more aware of who my ideal client is will help me to focus on these particulars in order to successfully, and confidently build a client base.
  • I learned more about using technology and now I see how I might tweak my website to be more interactive and engaging, by inserting a short video or links for website visitors to navigate.
Donna Furmanek

M.Ed., Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified Montessori Educator (AMS), Academy of Creative Movement

Jamie helped me establish my Ayurveda practice by getting clear on what I want my practice to be, how I can help people, and how to utilize all the information I have received.

Initially I was overwhelmed by how to market myself. Jamie gave me several vital pieces that transformed the confusion into confidence.   Jamie herself lives from a heart-centered space that is contagious and inspiring. She encourages and questions from a loving place and supports without a personal agenda. This was invaluable in building my sense of trust in my inner voice, honoring my own style and increasing my belief that what I’m offering is helpful.

On a practical level, she is highly skilled in translating the mumbo jumbo of what I’m trying to say and creating amazing marketing copy and tangible tools to speak more effectively to my clients. She brings a wealth of experience and seeing what she has done in her own practice is amazing and uplifting.

If you are wanting to gain confidence in your practice, pinpoint how to create a practice where you can give most positively, and narrow it all down into a cohesive plan…Jamie is the mother duck you want to fly behind as you spread your own wings.

Rachel Costello

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner,

My confidence in being able to create my independent Ayurveda business increased by 90% after working with Jamie!

Before working with Jamie, I was in a space of total unknowing in terms of how to establish a business. This created stress and doubt as to whether I could actually do it. Now I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to build my practice.

While most business classes are dry and boring, Jamie gears her programs around powerful self-exploration, building practical tools, and developing the language and confidence to effectively talk to people about Ayurveda. It was a very positive experience that essentially made the business aspects unintimidating and met my individual needs.

I highly recommend her for practitioners looking to be able to grow their own vision and business.

Michelle Garrett

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, AHC, CAP intern, Chicago Ayurveda, specializing in complex health conditions

Meet Your Holistic Business Mentor Coach

You don’t need to hold your practice up on your own.  We all need support to lighten our burdens.

Hey, it’s Jamie!
I am a pitta-vata by constitution and you will see my blend of organization and structure melded with creativity and flexibility. I honor my pitta fire that sparks me and guides me into action as well as my more sensitive vata that lets me know when I’m crossing the line of imbalance.

I am blessed that I get to authentically be myself in both my personal and professional lives and that I get paid to do what I love.

I enjoy the flexibility, control and abundance of being self-employed. I deeply believe that my abundance is a natural result of my being grounded in my Self and taking actions in alignment with my highest self and heart purpose.  Read more…

This is what I want for you – to get more of what you want with greater ease!



Jamie, I am ready to grow my profitable practice with the STRUCTURE, STRATEGY & SUPPORT offered in the Business Success Breakthrough program. 

As there are openings for the small mentor groups, as soon as I register, I will have immediate access to all the mentor learning resources, allowing me to go at my own pace, on my own time.

Each month I can get the essential direct support as part of the twice monthly group coaching webinars – the dates and times of which will be sent to me after my registration.   

I acknowledge that neither you nor anyone else has made any income promises to me and that my income and business results are dependent solely on my own efforts and that of my business.

I understand all that I’m getting for less than $200*/month includes:


✔ The VIRTUAL EASE of being able to learn online from the comfort of my own home without any travel expenses.

MENTOR TRAINING focused on developing my inner business skills, structures, and marketing techniques so I can most effectively share what I do with the people who are looking for me, develop long and lasting relationships with both my ideal clients and key collaborative partners, and enjoy a consistent flow of clients and income.

The instant access to all three levels of training material – with written guides, templates, and instructional videos – helps me put the pieces together in the right order at the right time in a way that makes sense to build a solid success structure. 

★ The complete Jump Start Your Practice training 

★ The complete Fill Your Practice Now training

★ The complete Loyal & Lasting Relationship training

TWO COMMITMENT OPTIONS – of either six months or a full year  gives me time and space to go at my own pace and be most successful in implementing the key components for my successful business.

✔ I am thrilled to get SHORTCUT MENTOR SUPPORT to help me implement the learning, move through any blocks or confusion, and enhance my success!

★ Direct coaching from Mentor Coach Jamie and the opportunity to learn from the other participants with the twice monthly Coaching & Clarity group webinar sessions  

Unlimited peer support through our private online group

15% off additional private coaching sessions with Jamie anytime during the course of the program for extra support

✔ I am so excited I don’t have to create things from scratch by having access to all the TEMPLATES Jamie has created and refined over her years in practice.  I can simply tweak and modify them with my brand and needs and be ready to roll!

*with one year option

Choose the program length and payment option that fits your budget and peace of mind!

1 Year Access & Support

$1997 or $190/month x 12 months

My purchase provides access to the mentor learning material and twice monthly Coaching & Clarity webinars for one year.

6 Month Access & Support

$1497 or $285/month x 6 months

My purchase provides access to the mentor learning material and twice monthly Coaching & Clarity webinars for 6 months.

If the Business Success Breakthrough feels inspiring, let’s talk!


Free 30 Min Chat

The first step is to schedule your complimentary Success Strategy Breakthrough Assessment.  This gives me a chance to learn more about your business and needs.  You can get clear on where you’re at, where you want to be, challenges getting there, and which group option will best meet your needs.

100% Success Guaranteed

I'm 100% in your success corner with your Enrollment in this “Business Success Breakthrough”.

I am completely confident in this program, and I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a truly transforming experience for your practice! 

And I'm here to support you in creating your success.

So here’s your guarantee. If after completing all the activities and assignments in the first transformation stage, you don’t feel the group approach is right for you, I will apply what you paid to another individual coaching program with me. Just let me know within the first 21 days of the program purchase by sending me an email with the completed assignments.

~Jamie Durner, Your Holistic Business Mentor Coach


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