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Resources to Help Build Your Profitable Holistic Practice with Greater Ease

I Work With Independent Holistic Practitioners & Ayurveda Professionals

For those who want immediate support, Jamie’s free ebook along with the on-demand self-study programs provide ways to jumpstart your holistic business right away.


For those who want to grow your business with more support for greater ease, explore the Business Success Breakthrough group program and/or 1:1 individual mentor coaching opportunities to access Jamie’s wisdom and 25+ years experience as a holistic practitioner running her own business.


All these specialized mentor coaching programs are designed for your success.


By giving you the structure, mentor resources, and time to develop and implement the systems and strategies you need, you can breakthrough the overwhelm and stress to a place of confidence and blooming abundance in your business.


I warmly welcome you to get started today!




Resources that are perfect for you no matter where you are in your holistic business development

These are two great places to start or reground into your purpose and plan for your business success. 

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"3 Keys to Attract Clients Naturally"
Discover your inner yes compass points

The experience was like a super nova for me – it blew my mind!

Until I went through the Discover Your Magnificent Self process, I had no idea to the degree that my heart was longing for a deeper passion in my work. After going through the process with Jamie, I discovered what I thought was only my hobby is actually a passionate career path!

I now have the tools now to keep me from going down paths that are not in line with my vision. The process also gave me a template for knowing myself deeper and how I can honor my core needs with making other life decisions.  The more I honor what came through in the initial meeting, the more I’m learning that this is where my strength and success will be. I’m invigorated to keep going!

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Healing

Gain the confidence to start your new holistic practice and build it the right way the first time around in a super affordable way!

Get started immediately creating the business results you crave with these 3 interconnected self-study programs that make up the Business Success Breakthrough training.

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Jumpstart Your Practice self study holistic business training
Fill Your Practice Now self study holistic business training
Loyal & Lasting Relationship self study holistic business training

I came to Jamie feeling completely stuck and full of doubt and confusion.  I left invigorated, confident and with a sense of freedom that I now have a way to live independently with financially security!

I began working with Jamie because I was unable to create a steady flow of clients in my business and was not even close to making a living, sustainable wage.  I was willing to consider employment in a more traditional job arena, but didn’t feel employable or even know how to assess possible job options.

Jamie offers an approach that cuts through the BS of other one-size-fits all, generalized business workshops, to meet you with a program that is completely individually tailored to your specific needs.  From all her training and experience, she selected the resources and nuggets that would be the most meaningful and powerful for me. In looking at what was needed to move forward – whether education, addressing fears, new boundaries to set, more homework to get clearer – she provided very specific and completely relevant information and tools for my field and unique background.

She not only helped me see how I could translate my current skills with a minimal amount of re-education, she helped me re-craft my resume so that I got two interviews for being a health coach.

She also helped me come up more effective ways to connect with private clients using a contract and 20-minute intro session to filter people.  The contract helped me set clear boundaries and I felt for first time I could put into words in a neutral tone everything I’d been wanting to say to clients for several years but had been afraid to – it was brilliant.  Now I have a more secure and truthful way of filtering clients that really want to do the work and are willing to pay full dollars for my services.

I really appreciated Jamie’s efficiency in getting me where I wanted to be.  There was none of this needing to go into a cave for several weeks at a time to land upon what was holding me back.  In 9 sessions –boom – we got it done!  Starting with the initial guided visualization in the foundational session, I got powerful information that I used to restructure my website and materials to align with my values.  And each session she helped me identify things holding me back, my strengths to move forward and gave me additional resources she knew I was motivated to do as that would get me where I wanted to go.

I highly recommend Jamie for business coaching because she is client centered, honest, confidence boosting, mindful, efficient, and will help you get where you want to go!

Mary Bruck

Owner of Vibrant Health Ayurveda & Yoga, | 720-449-6904

Accelerate your growth with greater support

Whether you choose the Business Success Breakthrough facilitated group program with all 3 levels of the self-study training or want more individually tailored support with a 1:1 program, you will get the direct coaching and accountability you need to stay on track and manifest your personalized vision of success into the world.

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Business Success Breakthrough Online Coaching Program
Boost Your Holistic Practice with 1:1 Mentor Coaching
VIP Holistic Business Mentor Coaching
Thank you Jamie!  I found your program just when I needed it.

The Business Success Breakthrough training helped me form a plan of action and gave me many practical tools to meet my needs. 

You helped highlight my unique talents and how to be true to myself while letting my light shine which increased my confidence.

Donna Furmanek

M.Ed., Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified Montessori Educator

Jamie gave me business legs to stand on so that today I feel stable and secure. 

I got all the business information I needed to confidently get started along with an inner awareness that this is really possible and can happen.

I would recommend anyone ready for growth opportunities to work with Jamie. You can be assured that you will be guided to what you need to know and what to do next.

Christa Boudreau

Ayurveda Health Counselor & Ayurveda Energy Worker, Simply Ayurveda

Everything I’ve done with Jamie has convinced me I can—and helped me know how to—have the professional, heart-centered, and lucrative business I’ve always imagined!

I came to Jamie with my business in a do-or-die space.  After years of working hard without growing the client base or income I wanted, I needed to figure out whether the business in my dreams was actually viable or if it was time to let it go and get a “real” job.   

I now have the confidence, vision, resources, and mindset to know that YES, I can have a profitable professional business.  Though I put in the time and energy to do the much-needed work, I could not have done it or have gotten to this point without Jamie’s guidance and support.  

The six-month individual coaching program was the perfect fit for me. Initially, I had considered Jamie’s three-month program; however, I correctly assessed that I would need a bit more time to reach my goals for my work with her. At the end of the six months I was thrilled to feel completely ready to take off on my own and continue moving my business forward! Specifically, I gained: 

  • Clarity around how I want my business to look, who I want to serve, what I need to feel fulfilled in my work, and the steps involved to get me there 
  • Insight about my fears around change and business growth, which helped me work through those fears and get out of my own way on the path to my goals 
  • Empowerment to claim my right to work with the type of client I truly love, which helped take away any sense of competition and allowed me to begin to build better collaborative relationships with colleagues 
  • Structure and Guidance in breaking down all the technical and logistical tasks necessary for growing my business, which had felt intimidating or overwhelming to me before, so I was able to not only understand them, but actually get them done
  • Confidence in speaking about my business to potential clients, referral partners, and at networking groups 

Jamie provided a structure for me and held me accountable to complete the tasks I determined needed to be done each week. Her ability to help me stay focused and on track with my big vision goals, while also meeting me where I was at any given point in a session and support my immediate needs or questions, made a big difference in my success.   

I absolutely love the “mentor coaching” approach Jamie offers. She pairs traditional coaching—keeping my needs and agenda at the forefront and guiding me to discover my answers and my path to achieve success—with her vast business knowledge and resources so I didn’t have to know it all or come up with everything from scratch.   

Whether you’re just starting out your independent business and feeling at a loss at what to do or if you’ve been at it awhile and need help – I highly recommend you work with Jamie.  What she does is invaluable!

Joanie Nicholas

All Things Organized,

My Approach

As a Holistic Business Mentor Coach, my goal is to support YOU to create your own abundant and balanced business!

I am your partner on the amazing journey of YOU.   I offer you a variety of resources for support from my diverse professional background and 25+ years in personal practice.   Then I work in partnership with your inner wisdom – because you are your resident expert living with yourself 24/7 – to find YOUR best answers and solutions. 

I have no personal agenda other than to make your journey to a thriving holistic practice be as easy and effective as possible by acting as a mentor and guide.

I trust you to know the decisions to make in alignment with your truth and honor what you are able to do at whatever stage you are at.  I am not here to judge or scold you based on the choices you make. 

I am here to provide

  • motivation and inspiration
  • big picture strategies
  • brainstorming support and resource evaluation
  • get-it-done implementation support
  • hands-on technical guidance
  • new perspectives
  • accountability on the goals you’ve asked me to support
  • if desired, energetic support and clearing tools through Kundalini yoga and SomatoEmotional Release
  • if desired, Ayurvedic lifestyle resources and herbal remedies to help you be your best

Jamie Durner, Holistic Business Mentor Coach
I offer you my authentic, honest, & compassionate feedback of what I hear being expressed from your highest self so you can better see and claim what you already know.

And I will hold a neutral space for you filled with acceptance and possibilities so you can explore and discover how to put the business pieces together to best meet your unique needs.

Get started on your journey to a prosperous and fulfilling practice... scheduling your BUSINESS SUCCESS STRATEGY session.  In this complimentary 30 minute session, you will have the opportunity to gain greater clarity about your current situation, where you want to go in terms of your business goals, and the challenges you’re having getting there.

We’ll also discuss the holistic business coaching programs I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Which resource or program is best for me?

Many find that by reading the descriptions of the different programs and resources, it will spark an intuitive leaning in for you.  That is a great starting point!  Trust your inner voice. If you want additional support assessing, start with the complimentary Success Strategy Assessment and we’ll go through it together.

I am a holistic practitioner but not of the types you’ve listed.  Can I still coach with you?

Absolutely!  The people who enjoy my programs and coaching style are those who value a heart-centered business approach.  This means you want your business actions to feel good and fit your life view.  And you want tangible, effective and profitable results.  If this is what you want, we will work well together.

I run a holistic clinic with employees.  Will your services support me if I’m not a solo practitioner?

The core elements you need to run a big business or a small business are similar.  You need to define your vision, assess your resource needs, and develop the structures and strategies to meet those needs.  You also need the inner tools and support to cut through sabotaging mindsets and demoting habits.  That is all supported with my Holistic Business Mentor Coaching.  While I discuss basic financial and legal concepts, all individual decisions specific to your business needs should be supported by a lawyer and accountant – and this is where big and small business needs will vary often the most.

I purchased one of the self study programs but now I’m realizing I need more support.

You’re not alone.  Sometimes you need the accountability partner or outside feedback to be most successful.  Which is why if you need more, I’ve made it easy, because ease is one of my key values!

You can upgrade to either the Business Success Breakthrough Facilitated Group Program or 1:1 VIP Mentor Coaching, both of which include all levels of the program trainings.  Or, if you don’t want all levels of the training material, you can simply add on 3-12 months of individual support with the Boost Your Practice Mentor Coaching.

I am concerned about being able to make live coaching sessions for the Business Success Breakthrough Facilitated program.

Knowing that participants live in different time zones and have different work-life commitments, I try to organize different small groups around different time options to allow as many as possible to participate.  All the webinars are also recorded and shared with the specific groups after each session.  If you have questions or needs you want supported but can’t be on an upcoming webinar, send your request to me up to 24 hours before the scheduled time and I will do my best to answer your question or issue during the webinar even if you are not there.

I have invested so much in my holistic training program that I’m not sure it is a good idea to spend more when I don’t have much income coming in.

I acknowledge your fiscal responsibility!  One of the reasons I offer a variety of services, including the very affordable self study program modules, is to meet people at the place they are in balancing life.  However, you need to consider the gains from your investment versus the costs of trying to go it on your own.  If you can quickly use a system that is comfortable and consistently brings in clients, you would more than double your investment in a short period.  Whereas if you go forward without a guide, you will likely spend more time trying to figure it out and possibly waste money in trial and error marketing.  To me the bigger question is who is your best guide to help you get to the success you want.

What is a Mentor Coaching?

Mentor coaching is the integrative blend of life coaching techniques and mentoring.  As your holistic business mentor I share proven business strategies that I have learned and developed in my 25 years in private practice.  As your coach, I partner with you to discover which strategies, marketing tools, and actions are authentically aligned with your personal definition of success, your values and your core purpose.

As I’m going through the self study program I’m feeling overwhelmed by all great possibilities you’re offering.  Help!

There are many components to building and running a business and it is common to feel overwhelmed at times by where to begin or how to get it all done.

My goal for you is to decrease the stress.  So take a breath and tune in to what feels fun and flowing with ease.  Start there and when you get that piece completed, find your next fun and flowing step.

Think about all your business activities as layers of improvement.  You don’t have to have things perfect, just good enough for now.  You can come back later when the time is right to add the next layer.

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