Group programs are one of the best ways for your practice to be able to have business growth and enjoy more prosperous profits.

Llet’s look at why group programs are important and a few possible structures to get your started in your thinking.

Many businesses are based around single session, dollars-per-hour business structures.

  • You see one person for a period of time with a rate based on that time.
  • There may be additional charges based on adjunct services or products added on.
  • Sometimes to encourage longer commitment or enrollment, packages of sessions are sold at a discounted rate off the single session price.

This isn’t wrong or bad, but it is limiting.

The reality is that you are only one person with a limited amount of time. If you work one person at a time, to Prosperous Profitsearn more income you have to either charge higher rates or work more hours and put out more energy. And you will only ever be able to reach a certain number of people due to the limited amount of hours in a day.

But there are many other options of how you can create business structures that leverage your time differently.

The best options involve group programs that allow you to serve even more people with less effort and energy.

On top of that, for most holistic professionals, the services you offer address chronic or ongoing issues.

You are helping not only create short-term relief, but long-term changes in behavior and lifestyle to get to the root issues and create deeper lasting health results.

As such, a single session is not going to be effective in meeting the client’s larger goals.

Part of your professional role is to assess the client’s goals and needs and then offer a plan for success.

You want to realistically look at what the person needs in terms of time and services to achieve their goals. You provide a plan of service to meet that need.  You may also have starter options if the client cannot commit to that full level of your success plan.

Offering all your services in a program format means you are creating greater success structures for your clients.

You are also creating greater stability for your practice.

It’s a win-win situation.

There are several different option in terms of group program options you might offer as well as ways you might use them:

  • Membership package program
  • Membership circle group programs
  • Large or intimate group programs
  • Self Study programs that may be combined with some Q&A support facilitation
  • 1:1 Premium programs that value direct time with you at the highest price value


Not only do these group programs provide for a well-rounded practice, but they provide many different entrance points for clients to be able to interact and engage with your expertise that honors where they are it.

What To Consider

To be most successful, you want to strategically think about the role about each of these components.

Know the individual purpose as well as how they will support the other aspects of your business.

You will also want to think about how you want to promote them and build a list of interested folks.

This is part of what I’ll be sharing with your in the Fill Your Practice Now” heart-centered business training. I’m going to share the Prosperous Profits Business Model and help you think through what your best starting point will be.

In this heart-centered model, there’s no manipulation or forced and pushy sales techniques.

Rather it’s about connecting to your authentic credibility and natural gifts and talents and seeing how to bring them to the people who are looking for them.

Don’t leave your clients hanging – create a multi-tiered service offering that supports your client at each stage of their development!

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