A client testimonial or success story is perhaps the most powerful marketing communication tool there is.

A client testimonial is a direct statement from a client who has worked with you that speaks to your expertise and the benefits of working with you.

The best client testimonials have a before and after story with a short element that describes what about your work or style helped them get from their problem to the desired result. 

The more specific and measurable the results, the better.

We all love stories and are hardwired to relate to the Hero’s Journey of overcoming a challenge or adversity and coming out the other side to a better place.

Client testimonials can use a structure like a Hero’s Journey by sharing a before and aspect perspective.

Testimonials are a way to add credibility without feeling like you are bragging or exaggerating. 

Client testimonial stories help:

  • Communicate who you work with by sharing your audience through their experiences
  • Illustrate the outcomes you dlever
  • Make “what you do” feel tangible and real
  • Connect at the heart level
  • Create a sense of trust
  • Showcase your expertise from a different perspective
  • Highlight the possibilities in working with you

Hopefully you’re getting the value of what a client testimonial can do for you!

The next natural step is to start compiling these gems.

And if you don’t have a method, here’s an easy way to get a great testimonial.

  1. Reach out to a client after something wonderful has happened as a result of your work or when they are completing a program with you and are acknowledging the new positive space they are in.
  2. Ask three questions – what problem they came in with (before), what big result they got in terms of the problem (after), what you did to help them get their result (your magic).  You may prefer to send these ahead of time so they can think about them.
  3. Take notes on their responses.  You may want to record the conversation, with their permission, to capture it all.
  4. Type up their answers in a summary format, using their exact words so it is authentic and real.
  5. Send to the client for any editing and their approval

Then share your client testimonial success stories everywhere – in conversations and as part of introducing yourself, on your website, Linked In, Facebook posts.

Share from a place of celebration and helping people see the amazing clients you have the privilege of working with.

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