Your free introductory offer (IFO) is a gift or incentive that you provide in exchange for someone signing up to be part of your community.

By becoming part of your community, the person is also agreeing to receive ongoing information from you via your email marketing.

You use your follow up emails to continue to share great information that your audience cares about.

And over time, you build trust, rapport and a connection – which hopefully leads to them signing up for a service, class or program with you.

The first step of this relationship is the free introductory offer.

Creating A Client Attractive Free Introductory Offer

Your free introductory offer is something to give that speaks to your philosophy, what makes you unique and your expertise – while providing useful information to your reader.

In addition to giving good information, you want to do it in a way that establishes your expertise and inspires the reader to take further action with you.

  1. Inform your readers with high value content and tips.

 The most important thing your free introductory offer contains is information that is of high interest to your ideal or affinity audience.

No matter what format your incentive gift is in – a PDF eBook, a special report, a step-by-step blueprint, a checklist, a free webinar, a video, an audio – the content is king.

Think about the primary challenge of your clients and what you could offer them in terms of information that is going to help them with this challenge.

  1. Showcase your credibility and unique magnificence.

In addition to sharing valuable information, you want to share yourself. You are in the beginning stage of this relationship that is built on trust and connection.

Speak to your unique credibility through your experiences, story, personal mission and passions.

Let your personality shine through. Be authentic, real and personal.

  1. Create inspiration and enthusiasm, not overwhelm.

Instead of having your free introductory offer be an academic report designed to give them everything you think they need, give them a couple simple starting steps.

Think about their problem and what you do to help support people reaching the solution. Then break that down to the first couple steps that you know give great results.

Share these starter steps that you know work.

  1. Show them you understand them by addressing their main challenge.

Speak specifically to what they are struggling with. This is the primary challenge they have and why they would be looking for support.

Tell them how the problem is impacting their life. If you are clear on your ideal client, you will know not only the problem, but also the exact words that your clients use to describe it.

  1. Share your solution to help get them where they want to be instead of where they are.

In addition to providing high interest information, your free introductory offer raises awareness about the importance of your solution.

Tell them how your solution can help them in terms of the results they are looking for. You’re not going to go into detail about all the logistics and inner workings of your techniques. You are going to draw a link between what you do and how it gets them to their Success Point.

  1. Amplify their commitment to getting results.

Don’t forget to share results-oriented testimonials or success stories that highlight the possibilities of your work. Stories act like proof and build engagement quickly.

Answer their “what-if” questions about what comes next on the transformation journey. This creates further connection and removes blocks to them taking action.

  1. Offer support and guidance.

Instead of having to go it alone, educate the reader about the benefits of having a partner and support. Alternatively, you could spell out the costs and consequences of flying solo. I personally prefer to highlight the value add of having a guide.

If you have a signature group program, it is great to have your introductory free offer aligned with its message and purpose.  This way, after reading or watching your free offer, they have a natural next step when they want more.

Let’s say your audience’s main problem is digestive issues and you have a program focused on Reclaiming Digestive Health and Vital Nutrition. You could have your free introductory offer be “3 Simple Ways to Boost Digestion and Increase Health”.

If you want to build your free introductory offer off your signature program, outline and develop the program first. Then look at what the first step that will start people along the path and start that as the free offer.

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