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Level 2: Fill Your Practice Now

Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients!

⇒ Create Prosperous Profits: Lucrative Business Structures To Leverage Your Time, Energy and Money

⇒ Create Your Client Attraction Website Copy

⇒ Enhance Your Website For Greater Engagement

⇒ Grow Your Business Through Powerful Conversations


8 Weekly Sessions from March 8 to April 26


You are running your own business – either by circumstance of the industry or by choice – and you want to stop struggling and tap into the positives of being your own boss.


You may have participated in Level 1 of the Business Success Breakthrough program and have already determined the key initial criteria for creating your main marketing message as well have your success pillars in place.


You have basic marketing material that is working but you are not getting the full results you want and are ready to take your message online with more ease and effectiveness.


You feel that you would benefit from improved conversation strategies to connect more effectively with potential clients and develop professional collaborative relationships.


You love working one-to-one with clients.  But you’d like to find better ways to balance your energy and time while being able to serve more people.  It’s time to explore group options and enhanced individual programs.  


You are ready to make your website into a powerful client attraction and engagement tool – either by getting yours off the ground or by revising your current one.  


You want a guide to shortcut the process, the accountability to stay on track, and resources to make the process easier as  you dedicate a chunk of time to moving your business forward.


You have the professional training and skills to have a successful business.

And you have your business foundations set including:

✓  Who your ideal audience is

✓  Their top of the mind challenge and results they are looking for

✓  What makes you unique

✓  Your sure-fire introduction that sparks interest

✓  How to best express your services through your main marketing message.

(Or you have those pieces at least in a first draft form and want help refining your message.)

It’s time to add to your marketing resources and keep expanding the way you feel about marketing.

Spread the word online and throughout your community with advanced marketing and conversation tools to continue to build your practice with the clients you love.


You need the step-by-step guidance to create lucrative business structures including…

Stress-free pricing to help you claim value for your services

✪ Profit-time leveraged service structures to not help your clients get faster results while you work less and earn more

✪ How to best structure your website and develop your stand out website content so it truly speaks to your ideal audience

✪ How to take advantage of your natural avenues of expression and sharing your gifts in a stress-free way

✪ Online and in-person tools to attract your engaged, paying clients

✪ Get everything ready to take your marketing online with a website blueprint or enhance your existing website

✪ How to leverage your conversations authentically with potential ideal clients


I am 25-year veteran in running a profitable private practice as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Holistic Coach.

I initially struggled with the business aspects, too. I spent thousands of dollars on business trainings that weren’t quite the right fit or enough of the whole picture.  After hours of trial-and-error, I finally found a heart-centered way to run my business that felt authentic and created profitable results – earning my family over $1.25 million dollars.

I can help you do the same – but with less struggle, time and effort!

My results working with Jamie were immediate and life changing.

 I went in feeling challenged by lack of confidence, fear for the financial future, confused about my strengths and passion, and stuck in procrastination around taking action on my dreams and ideas.

 And in the first session, it all changed. I got an immediate clearer vision and the internal commitment to follow my heart at every opportunity.  This led to saying yes to studying with the best teachers in my industry, making great connections and recently being offered a protégée opportunity including receiving the overflow of clients from a teacher.  

I have a steady business that is on the cusp of a bigger boom.  And I gained inner treasures that anchor my business and my life: confidence, an unwavering belief that I am on the right path, the willingness to listen to and trust the whispers and nuances in myself and the world.  I am now clear on the clients I want to work with and have the financial roadmap Jamie helped me develop so I can see what is possible.

When I say that I work with the best, Jamie is among that list. She has a broad background filled with highly effective knowledge as well as an incredible left and right brain approach to business.   She is dedicated to learning and is authentic and genuine.  She is like an amplifier – helping me to see and hear more clearly what I already know in order to move forward.  There is a world of practice and a world of ideas - she has both.  I highly recommend her for coaching and training.

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Health

Working with Jamie Durner as a business coach improved my work habit structure to balance my creative impulses with greater profitable productivity.

It really helped that Jamie understands my Ayurvedic business model, being a Practioner herself. Instead of getting stuck in last minute project overwhelm, I feel calmer and less stressed with tools to break down the tasks in a manageable way - and actually feel more joy in the process! More than just being a life/business coach, Jamie holds the space for spiritual exploration and integrates the Ayurvedic perspective into the conversation. Unlike some business coaches I worked with, she is real, down to earth, and spiritually connected instead of being salesy, slick and only focused on business.

If you are an Ayurvedic professional looking for business support within a broader personal-spiritual framework, she is a good match.

Corinna Maharani

CAP, PK Expert and teacher, Maharani Ayurveda

Here’s What We'll Be Covering

This program builds on the roots and success pillars you established in Level 1: Jumpstart Your Practice, including the most important pieces in your main marketing message – your audience, the value to your client, your differential advantage, and what you offer.

Energetically you will ignite your heart and throat chakra energies to express your unique soul purpose into the world in your authentic voice.

Core emphasis will be on website creation preparation – whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring out – as this is the foundational online marketing tool that ties into many of the more advanced online marketing systems and needs to be in place to effectively expand your reach to those looking for you.

Each stage will have Mentor Learning webinar with instructional lessons along with out-of-class supportive activities to develop the skill sets, business structures and marketing materials you need to complete this part of your business development.

Additionally, each stage provides for direct coaching support through a Coaching & Clarity webinar to integrate the information into practical action and support your healthy success mindsets.

Stage 1: Create Prosperous Profits: Lucrative Business Structures To Leverage Your Time, Energy and Moneycreate prosperous profits with leveraged service offerings

  • Proven Pricing Templates to help you confidently create value-rich offerings
  • Step-by-step plan to Position Your Practice for Success” with tiered service structures
  • Transformative Structures that Get Your Clients Better & Faster Results
  • 5 Steps to Create Your Inner Value For Confident Pricing
  • Payment Portals that Work for YouEven When You’re Not In the Office
  • Learn the 3 Key Elements to Turn Around Lagging Profits

Stage 2: Create Your Client Attraction Website Copycreate a client attracting website

  • List of Top Impactful Copywriting Words that you can integrate into your own website
  • The Key to Finding your Sost Compelling Result Wordsthat appeal to your audience and create further engagement
  • How To Use Homerun Headlines To Get A Response On Any Page – and support your SEO
  • The Most Important Purpose of your Website – and why you need to remember it in creating your pages
  • Which Website Pages You Need to Attract More Clients – and which ones can wait when getting started
  • 8 Easy Website Creation Tips to diffuse tech stress
  • Website Creation Checklist to keep your mind and website organized in creation and beyond 

Stage 3: Enhance Your Website For Greater Engagementincrease client engagement with captivating copy


  • 7 Ways To Create an Inviting Experience for Your Web Visitors and keep them active and engaged
  • 5 Vital Website Add-Ons that Keep People Coming Back and boost your SEO in the process!
  • How To Identify Your Desired First Action Step for Website Visitors and why reducing options actually creates better results
  • An Awesome Free Plugin Every Wellness Practitioner Should Have
  • Tech Resource List to get your starter projects done for as little as $5

Stage 4: Grow Your Business Through Powerful Conversationsgrow your business with powerful client conversations

  • #1 Tool to Fill Your Programs – this complimentary session can be your most effective way for clients to see why they want to sign up for your services
  • Done-for-You Questions to guide your Success Strategy Sessions
  • Conversation scripts to Know Exactly How to Heart Connect with your Prospective Clients – not only will you be able to express yourself authentically, you’ll know how to support a “right client” fit
  • 100 Places to Share your Message List –to connect and enhance your credibility
  • Step-by-step Conversation Guide – feel confident knowing that you understand the flow of effective conversations to create authentic interest in working with you and how to handle tricky conversations
  • Top 5 Template to Identify your Collaborative Community Partners
  • Script to Make a Powerful Partner Pitch

Program Dates

8 Week Format

  • Weekly virtual webinars on Thursday evenings from 5-6:30 pm CST
  • From March 8 – April 26, 2018
  • Facilitated virtual webinars alternate between Mentor Learning and Coaching & Clarity sessions
  • Perfect for a steady weekly pace with regular contact and accountability
  • Recommended additional 3-6 hours of working “on the business” activities each week for best results

All sessions are recorded in case you are unavailable to participate on a given week

Jamie helped me establish my Ayurveda practice by getting clear on what I want my practice to be, how I can help people, and how to utilize all the information I have received.

Initially I was overwhelmed by how to market myself. Jamie gave me several vital pieces that transformed the confusion into confidence.   Jamie herself lives from a heart-centered space that is contagious and inspiring. She encourages and questions from a loving place and supports without a personal agenda. This was invaluable in building my sense of trust in my inner voice, honoring my own style and increasing my belief that what I’m offering is helpful.

On a practical level, she is highly skilled in translating the mumbo jumbo of what I’m trying to say and creating amazing marketing copy and tangible tools to speak more effectively to my clients. She brings a wealth of experience and seeing what she has done in her own practice is amazing and uplifting.

If you are wanting to gain confidence in your practice, pinpoint how to create a practice where you can give most positively, and narrow it all down into a cohesive plan…Jamie is the mother duck you want to fly behind as you spread your own wings.

Rachel Costello

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Women's Health

My confidence in being able to create my independent Ayurveda business increased by 90% after working with Jamie!

Before working with Jamie, I was in a space of total unknowing in terms of how to establish a business. This created stress and doubt as to whether I could actually do it. Now I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to build my practice.

While most business classes are dry and boring, Jamie gears her programs around powerful self-exploration, building practical tools, and developing the language and confidence to effectively talk to people about Ayurveda. It was a very positive experience that essentially made the business aspects unintimidating and met my individual needs.

I highly recommend her for practitioners looking to be able to grow their own vision and business.

Michelle Garrett

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, AHC, CAP intern, Chicago Ayurveda, specializing in complex health conditions

When I enroll in Fill Your Practice Now, I will receive:

Access to the Member’s Only Page loaded with curriculum guides, tools and templates for me to develop the lucrative and ease-filled structures I need for expand the solid foundations for my profitable practice with greater client engaging strategies and structures.

⇒ 4 Facilitated Learning webinars guiding me through the stages of transformation content

⇒ 4 Facilitated Coaching & Clarity webinars to support the implementation of the concepts, ask questions, and get support in whatever way I need to development the materials and improve my practice

⇒ Spotlight coaching by mentor coach Jamie Durner during the Coaching & Clarity webinars to break through my stuck points or be guided through a particlar learning activity

⇒ Webinar recording access  (I do not have to be on the scheduled webinars in-person).  To allow me to go at a comfortable pace, I have greater ease knowing I have access to the webinar recordings throughout the program and for 2 weeks after the program finishes (or through all 3 levels of the program is I registed for the entire program).

⇒ Unlimited support through Facebook community for wider feedback, lingering questions, and sharing

⇒ PDF course templates, checklists, guides, scripts, step-by-step processes and done-for-me forms to make it even easier for me!

If you are a member of the National Ayurveda Medicine Association (NAMA), each level of the Business Success Breakthrough Program is eligible for 28 PACE credits.  After the course completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you will turn in to NAMA as part of the course verification process.

Enrolling Now Through March 7, 2018

*If you purchased the complete 3 level program initially, your space is already reserved 

2 Payment Plan


100% Success Guaranteed

Your Enrollment in the “Business Success Breakthrough” is Risk-Free.

I am completely confident in this program, and I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a truly transforming experience for you practice!  So here’s your guarantee. If after completing all the activities and assignments in the first transformation stage, you don’t feel it’s for you, I will apply what you paid to another program or individual coaching with me. Just let me know within the first 15 days of the program by sending me an email with the completed assignments – after the first mentor learning and coaching sessions.

~Jamie Durner, Your Holistic Business Mentor Coach


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