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3 Questions To Create Greater Engagement & Get Feedback

by Jamie Durner, Holistic Business Mentor Coach | Build Your Profitable Holistic Practice Podcast

Today I want to share with you a great strategy that you can use to create greater engagement with your class as well as get feedback to know how your services or material are being received.

This came up recently with a client of mine who was just getting ready to test out a new three part class series in preparation for creating a signature program.

One of the things that’s common is to use a written feedback form at the end of a program or class.  But in this case, my client didn’t want to wait until the very end.  She came into our coaching session asking about what other tools she could use at the end of each class to be able to get direct and immediate input.

We talked through some possibilities for questions she could use and I shared with her three that I have used for many years that I find really do a great job.

Three Simple Questions

So number one, kind of obvious, we’re trying to find out how our material or services are landing with the client to see if our objectives are meeting with theirs.

You can ask just a very open ended question that is something like, “What are you taking away from today?” or “What’s your biggest take away from today?” or “What did you get from your session or this workshop or this class today?”

Try to have it be fairly broad and open ended so you don’t shut down any answers and you get their full experience of whatever it is they are sharing now.

Because we’re trying to see if their are objectives are being met, ideally we’re hoping to see some of what our objectives are.

Having said that, I find that it’s really fun to see the answers that come from this, many of which are not within my awareness of what I think the material is going to give people.

But it’s great to see what else people are seeing and especially if there’s some consistency in that over time, I can add that into some of what I know the benefits are that people are walking away and add that into my marketing copy.

The second question is about client engagement as well as just seeing what additional possibilities are.

And that’s to ask something like, “What are you inspired to do next based on the material you’re learning today?”

This is going to help them put it into action.

It’s going to help connect them to their own self accountability. Which is great because we’re never there to do their work as much as to facilitate their work with them.

And especially if you’re doing a series or working with a client on a regular ongoing basis, you then want to make sure that you’re following up with what people were inspired to do. Because you’re also acting as an accountability partner with them. So you’re going to check at your next class or next session with them to see how it went and what they learned in the process.

And then the last question. You want to see what else there might be that you want to cover.  Maybe you’ve already got planned.  Or you just know that that’s their top of the mind need and will add it in.

You’re going to ask something like, “What’s still missing for you that you want more of or that you’d like additional support with?”

I do know people that go into creating a series where they start with just basically an outline.  Then they’re literally dancing in the moment with their participants to co-create that series or the workshop.

One of the things about this last question is if you’re co-creating your series, you have part of your answer of what you know you’d want to weave in possibly in these next couple sessions that you’re doing.

And if you’re working one-on-one with a client, certainly that’s something that you’re going to want to follow up with them at your next session and say, “Hey, I know that this was something up for you last time and that you were looking for additional support. Is that still where you’re at and what can we do to support you?”

It’s also great , if you’re doing this within the context of just a single workshop, to find out what else are people craving and that’s either going to help you design your next workshop or your next series or possibly add into the signature program you’re putting together.

If you’re wanting extra support…

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