Knowing how to strategically structure your free email marketing opt-in offer can make a big difference in being able to create the client engagement you’re looking for.

Despite the abundance of social media options, email marketing is still an important way to build and support your business.

To get the best results in email marketing, you don’t necessarily need a huge email list.

What you do want for your list is a high level of engagement – people who are interested in what you’re sharing and who are opening and taking action on the emails you send. 

High audience engagement starts by connecting with the right folks through your opt-in offer.  Like all your marketing, you want to share value with content that is important and relevant to your audience and build from there.

Use these 5 tips to help set up your free opt-in offer to create greater engagement and support those people who are ready to take the next step.


If you’re wanting extra business support... in creating the success that works for you on the professional and personal level, check out the individual and group program resources that may be what you’re looking for.


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