Is Email Marketing Worth Your Time?

This is a great question that recently came up from one of my clients.

In a world that is seemingly dominated by social media channels, you may be asking yourself where it is most effective to put your time.

And as a solo independent practitioner, this is absolutely something you should be asking yourself. Your time is valuable and you want to continually be assessing the benefits and return on those time investments.

Join me as I share the considerations you want to think about in regards to a couple drawbacks of having social media be your only or primary marketing channel as well as what benefits email marketing could have for your business.


If you’re wanting extra business support…

in creating the success that works for you on the professional and personal level, the group mentor coaching and training program “Business Success Breakthrough” may be a good fit for you.


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MENTOR TRAINING focused on developing your inner business skills, structures, and marketing techniques so you can most effectively share what you do with the people who are looking for you, develop long and lasting relationships with both your ideal clients and key collaborative partners, and enjoy a consistent flow of clients and income.

The instant access to all three levels of training material with written guides, templates, and instructional videos, helps you put the pieces together in the right order at the right time in a way that makes sense to build a solid success structure.

★ The complete Jump Start Your Practice training

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✔ Not having to create things from scratch by having access to all the TEMPLATES Jamie has created and refined over her years in practice.  Instead you can simply tweak and modify them with your own brand and needs and be ready to roll!


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Helping Ayurveda Professionals & Holistic Practitioners Build a Profitable Practice with Greater Ease

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