Discovering the best frequency to send emails or newsletters is an important part of your email marketing efforts.

And one of the questions I often hear from clients is how much email marketing is enough without feeling too intrusive?

I get it.

When I was first starting out, I was very sensitive to how much email marketing I was doing.

But I quickly realized, that in order to communicate well, I needed to send emails. And people who unsubscribed with a more regular email marketing frequency, weren’t then my ideal audience.  Because they weren’t interested.

It’s actually great to have people unsubscribe who don’t want to engage.

It means those who are on your list, are the ones you really want to be talking to.

The reality is that one of the goals of email marketing is engagement.

With email marketing your main goal is to create a community that is interested in what you have to share and have a way to communicate with them.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to build your community, develop relationships, and create engagement.  And that relationship building ideally leads to sign ups for your holistic programs and client services at some point.

First and foremost, you want to be providing great content.

Great is defined by what your audience is looking for. If the content you’re sending fits your audience, they are going to look forward to and value your emails.

Sending a newsletter or email only once a month on it’s own may not be engaging enough.

We live in a busy world and are bombarded my email.

You may think this is a reason to send less, but in some ways you actually need to send regular emails consistently to make sure more of your emails get seen and opened.

Along with information, education and tips, you will also be using your emails to promote upcoming programs or services.

For a program launch you will typically have a series of 5-7 emails.  That’s on top on the regular informational content emails you’re sending.

Some email marketing systems, like AWeber, actually offer people the ability to opt out of an upcoming promotional without having to unsubscribe from the main list. This is a great option for people on your list who may not be interested in a specific program, but want to stay connected and stay on your list.

Another great option is to split your list into segments based on interest and send specific emails to those groups.

Splitting your list and sending targeted content of specific interest is called segmenting.  Segmented email marketing is considered up to 60% more effective then generic email marketing.

Having material that is desirable to your specific sub groups in one way to create higher engagement – with fewer unsubscribes no matter what the frequency.

Interest per segment can be something like people interested in yoga, or interested in Ayurveda, or interested in both.  Or it could be people who want meal support, lifestyle support, stress relief support, healthy weight maintenance or all of the above.

But an interest segment could also be how often someone wants to hear from you: once a day, once a week, twice a month, once a month.

When creating your initial opt-in box, you can select these segment categories and have people choose upon signing up.  You can also add them later by sending out an email and asking people what they are interested in.

By now I hope you’re seeing that to be effective with email marketing you need to:

  1. Not be afraid to send emails
  2. Send emails regularly
  3. Combine great content along with promotional emails about your programs and services
  4. Use segments to delivery the best content to the right people

Along with all that, keep in mind that every audience is going to be unique.

The optimal frequency people want to receive information from you will vary for each business’ audience and even different people within an audience.

When in doubt about something with my audience, I think the best way to find out is to simply ask.

You could use an email with a built in poll or use an actual survey form through a free provider like Survey Monkey.

To stay top-of-the-mind, many people find that two to four times a month is a good amount for audience engagement. I also know folks who send out three to four times a week.

In addition to what your audience wants, you also need to think about what will work consistently for you.

Since consistency is important, check in with yourself and see what will work for you,

You could choose to do weekly emails by setting aside 45-60 minutes to write a blog post or email including getting the graphics, editing and loading it to your system. Or you could choose weekly but take a couple hours once a month to do them in bulk, then set them up with your email marketing system in advance.

Bottom line is your optimal frequency is going to be a combination of what you’re marketing goals are, the right amount for your community, and what is the right amount for you to create and implement the marketing.

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