About Jamie Durner

Jamie Durner is a trainer & mentor coach for holistic practitioners and Ayurveda Professionals.

Jamie Durner, Ayurveda Business Mentor CoachAre you ready to create the profitable business you’ve been craving –  that gets more of your ideal clients with ease, boosts business profits and creates less stress?

Our philosophy is to empower Ayurveda professionals and holistic practitioners through mentor coaching to have the inner and outer tools to confidently create a successful Ayurveda business that you love – and that is profitable.

And you can do it! Join Jamie Durner in a hands-on, Virtual Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough Training Program that shows you step-by-step exactly how to build your profitable practice from the inside out!


Because many Ayurveda professionals in the United States are lacking the critical business training to financially succeed, Jamie chose to do something about it.

She offers online training to Ayurveda professionals who want to learn how to develop business systems to gain more ideal clients naturally and authentically. She helps Ayurveda professionals like you – doctors, practitioners, counselors, Panchakarma technicians & body therapists, chefs and any holistic entrepreneur – to understand and use heart-centered marketing, compelling copy, website tools, online payment and scheduling systems, membership and group programs, and autoresponder systems.

With her training, you can break down the business complexity to more effectively engage with your interested and committed clients. Her skills and background combine a left- and right brain approach – offering results-oriented technical and tangible resources with a heart-centered style to support your inner answers and authentic expression of your unique offerings.


Jamie Durner is an accomplished holistic wellness professional with a diversified background including twenty-five years experience and over 3,500 hours of professional training. Her holistic training includes certifications in Ayurvedic medicine, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Inspired Learning Facilitation, Life Coaching, Kundalini Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, and Massage Therapy.

In addition to her holistic trainings, she has taken over fifteen different marketing and business programs to develop the skills to have her dream job be profitable. And it worked! Jamie earned $1.25+ million the past fifteen years, primarily working part-time, with a solid and growing business to contribute to her family.

Through teaching business classes and supervising interns at an Ayurveda school in Wisconsin, she watched students struggle with turning their passion into prosperity in their business. Today, Jamie combines her insider wellness knowledge as an Ayurveda Practitioner with practical business insight & coaching expertise from her years of running her own business to serve emerging and developing Ayurveda professionals and holistic practitioners. She offers both Individual Mentor Coaching as well as the Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough group mentor program. Her passion is to make sure that all the beautiful people called to share Ayurveda have the critical business skills to succeed, and have a profitable business to support their families, too!

She is the creator of the “Creating Health & Harmony”, “Healthy Weight, Healthy You” and “Healing from the Inside Out” wellness programs as well as the Audio Kundalini Yoga Class series. She is a contributing author in the books: “Your Better Body: The Woman’s Guide to Holistic Health & Wellness” and “Yoga in America”; publishes articles online and locally, and produces the Abundant You and Holistic Business Prosperity blogs.

She is a life-long explorer who loves to read, hike, bike, ski, play games, play in general, learn and travel – which has included her leading wellness retreats to Peru, Costa Rica, and India.

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