Support yourself with the right thoughts and positive people in your life to hold your hand and have your back.

Then take the step off and trust in the process.  JUST DO IT, BABY but with this soft, feminine twist!

It was somewhere in the 1990’s that I came across this article called “9 Points For Change”.  I don’t know the source so sadly can’t give credit where it is due. But I like the emphasis on using your inner wisdom as a point of reference, paying attention to YOUR feelings, and being kind and compassionate with yourself in terms of making changes.

When something is not right in life, it often requires some type of change.  This is equally true in your business practice, and may overlap a pattern showing up in your personal life.

The process of change can feel scary, as growth and stretching does, pulling you out of your comfort zone and into the limbo of a nebulous unknown. 

We watch this process with our clients every day but don’t always give ourselves the same support and encouragement we give them.

9 Points For Change

One: Dare to love yourself in a world that gives no guarantees.

Two: Pay attention to what you feel. If you don’t like the way you feel, it’s usually a sign that you’re not getting what you need.

Three: Nobody can really tell you the answer to life’s problems so you might as well try what feels right to you.

Four: If you’re going to risk a change, try something likely to satisfy your needs while increasing your self-respect.

Five: When you are considering a specific change, make a list of all the worst possible things that could happen. (From my perspective doing this can diffuse the fear we sometimes hold.  Facing our worst case scenarios often helps to see that either it’s not so bad or evaluate if we need to make any corrections.)

Six: Before you change, take a few moments to praise yourself honestly, complimenting yourself for some specific attribute.

Seven: If what you are doing isn’t getting you what you want, try something different.

Eight: If you decide to take a chance, don’t just think about it, DO IT!

Nine: After you try a change, no matter what happens, congratulate yourself for your courage to try.


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