In life and in business you will occasionally come smack up against a belief that is not working for you – meaning it is not creating the results in your life you’re wanting.  Since beliefs underlie your patterns and outward actions, it is important to update your beliefs when this happens to make sure that you are creating the reality your want.  An easy technique to do this is to re-frame beliefs.

Whether you are at the beginning of planning your ideal business or in a revisionary process, this process with help you sync up the belief (and following actions) to support the business you want. It starts with your vision. To create your ideal vision, your beliefs must be in sync with the reality you want to create.   Reframing beliefs that aren’t in sync support this.

How Does One Re-frame Beliefs?

Reframing BeliefsRe-framing beliefs is a process of becoming aware of a thought, belief, or habit pattern that doesn’t fit with who you are and where you are going in life and then exploring how you can change the thought, belief, or set of beliefs in a pattern to create the reality that you do want in your life.  In sum, you re-write or shift the belief by creating a better one.

10-step process to re-frame beliefs

When you come across beliefs that don’t serve you, get started today on flipping or re-framing those beliefs so that they serve your current needs and reality.

  1. Write out your current belief.  You can use a friend or a coach to help identify the belief and, more importantly, the energy underneath the belief and decide what is serving you and what isn’t.
  2. Re-frame the belief by writing a new statement of belief that focuses on the aspects that are serving you.
  3. Add in new words or thoughts as well to the re-framed statement to create the full picture of what you want.
  4. Let it sit for a couple days or a week without consciously thinking about it.
  5. Re-visit your statement.  Write it out again.  Read it out loud.  See how it feels.
  6. Make any changes to refine the statement so it feels right to you.
  7. Post the statement and read it and say it out loud each day – consciously connecting to the energy of the belief.
  8. At the end of the week, see what is showing up in your life from the belief.  Do you like the results?
  9. If you aren’t 100% happy with what you’re attracting, go back to step one and start again to uncover and refine what doesn’t feel in alignment.
  10. Continue the process as long as you need.

Here’s an example of how I used this process with a belief I uncovered  that wasn’t serving me…in other words, it wasn’t bringing the results into my life that I wanted.

The belief that I discovered included several parts:

  • Life has challenges
  • I was able to turn the challenges into opportunities but it felt like ongoing work
  • The idea that change involves uncomfortable stretching
  • I was feeling challenged about staying positive with the challenges and was frankly sick of them!

As part of my process to shift that belief, I created a new statement that I felt honored and reflected my truth better – and would give me the results I wanted of less work and effort.

First, instead of seeing challenges in life, I created the space for interesting twists and turns.  I also chose to go through my journey with comfort and ease instead of an uncomfortable stretching.

Those changes led to the first version of my statement or step two – “I am open to expanding my business and living my fullest truth while accepting the opportunities and exploring the interesting twists and turns as they arise with comfort and ease.”

In step 5, as I wrote the statement out  to post and focus on regularly, I realized that something felt slightly off.  As I read the statement back, I picked up on a couple items I wanted to change.

First, I was accepting opportunities that had twists and turns.  Originally I was holding onto the idea that life does bring opportunities but I could allow them to be interesting instead of challenging.  However, although I do want to be open to receiving fabulous things in my business, I decided that I don’t need to define them as opportunities and certainly don’t need to limit my journey to having twists and turns.

I also realized that, while I love being a curious explorer and enjoy expansion, that I didn’t need to limit my journey to always exploring…which has a very active, intentionally guided, and slightly controlling energy feel to me.  By staying connected to the active energy, I feel I always had to be in charge.  Instead, I want to simply BE instead of DOING and receive my abundance.  I may still have my part to play, but I  can then turn the rest over to the universe.

To accept this new energy, I created this new statement – “I am open to expanding, receiving, and living my Infinite truth and abundance with comfort, ease, and lightness of spirit along my life’s journey.”

Play with the process for yourself and see what exciting things unfold for you!

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