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If you’re tired of struggling with how to start or grow your business, you’ve arrived at the right place!

Learn a better way to create a profitable, growing and sustainable business with strategies that create results AND feel good to you!

I want want you to be able to honor your passion for the gifts you have and the work you do while being able to earn a solid income.

Knowing that running your own business may not be your primary skill set, I invite you to build your resources and boost your confidence with the tools provided here.  You will find articles and tactics relating to business and marketing tips, inner alignment tools, mindset shifts, tech resources and time productivity strategies – all part of helping you build your profitable practice.

When I started my own private practice 25 years ago, I was overwhelmed and frustrated.  I didn’t know where to start and wasted time and money on marketing campaigns that weren’t effective.   I want your transition into successful self-employment to be smoother and easier than mine was.

An Easy Way To Get A Great Client Testimonial

A client testimonial or success story is perhaps the most powerful marketing communication tool there is. The best client testimonials have a specific and measurable before and after story with a short element that describes what about your work or style helped them get from their problem to the desired result. 

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How Group Programs Can Support Your Prosperous Profits

Group programs are one of the best ways for your practice to be able to have business growth and enjoy more prosperous profits. Llet's look at why group programs are important and a few possible structures to get your started in your thinking. Many businesses are...

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Are You Using Copyright To Protect Your Material?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property law that allows authors of "original works of authorship" to protect their work. Work that qualifies for copyright includes those of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works but does not protect facts, ideas, systems...

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Jamie Durner

Jamie Durner

Holistic Business Mentor Coach

Jamie combines her insider wellness knowledge as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Holistic Coach with practical business skills & coaching expertise from her years of running her own business to serve emerging and developing Ayurveda professionals.

Her passion is to make sure that all the beautiful people called to share Ayurveda have the critical business skills to succeed with a profitable business to support their families.

My results working with Jamie were immediate and life changing.

 I went in feeling challenged by lack of confidence, fear for the financial future, confused about my strengths and passion, and stuck in procrastination around taking action on my dreams and ideas.

 And in the first session, it all changed. I got an immediate clearer vision and the internal commitment to follow my heart at every opportunity.  This led to saying yes to studying with the best teachers in my industry, making great connections and recently being offered a protégée opportunity including receiving the overflow of clients from a teacher.  

I have a steady business that is on the cusp of a bigger boom.  And I gained inner treasures that anchor my business and my life: confidence, an unwavering belief that I am on the right path, the willingness to listen to and trust the whispers and nuances in myself and the world.  I am now clear on the clients I want to work with and have the financial roadmap Jamie helped me develop so I can see what is possible.

When I say that I work with the best, Jamie is among that list. She has a broad background filled with highly effective knowledge as well as an incredible left and right brain approach to business.   She is dedicated to learning and is authentic and genuine.  She is like an amplifier – helping me to see and hear more clearly what I already know in order to move forward.  There is a world of practice and a world of ideas – she has both.  I highly recommend her for coaching and training.

Lisa Brown

Professional Animal Communicator & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best Day Health

Jamie gave me business legs to stand on so that today I feel stable and secure by providing the tools to start and run my own business along with the right mental space.  Where once I was wobbly on twigs, now I am standing with solid branches.

I have learned so much from Jamie. She is my favorite teacher due to the way she communicates – direct, no nonsense yet delivered in away that is comforting, reassuring, and helps me think and see things in a new way. She helped me overcome a lot of my mental blacks and see a bigger picture of possibilities. The practical skills I learned with her also helped me. I was able to design my webpage to be more presentable and effective to reach my clients, know what tools I needed at marketing fairs, and be able to handle client situations in a professional manner.

Coming from direct sales, I had a marketing background but wasn’t good with what office stuff having my own business would entail. I got all the business information I needed to confidently get started along with an inner awareness that this is really possible and can happen.

I would recommend anyone ready for growth opportunities to work with Jamie. You can be assured that you will be guided to what you need to know and what to do next. And she doesn’t me you feel crazy about how you feel or your questions!

Christa Boudreau

AHC, CAP intern, Ayurveda Energy Worker, Simply Ayurveda

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